Off to Bloomberg TV

last minute call

I should be on after 2:00 pm

be back soon . . .

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  1. Kp commented on Aug 16

    Now the bears start to get popular. Some how I told you so just doesn’t cover it.

  2. erik commented on Aug 16

    bottom for now. fct retracing strongly from low this moring. i suspect we may even end the day in the black!

  3. michael schumacher commented on Aug 16

    That sound you hear??? It’s the commodities bubble starting to gurgle……when you need cash……and those redemption forms are starting to pile up.


  4. SINGER commented on Aug 16

    bear country !!!!!! had a laugh

  5. Eclectic commented on Aug 16


    You ‘member our death row inmate?… the one that the governor pardoned as long as the 10-Y-T didn’t close at or over 5.25000?

    Sure you do… it’s a hard image to get out of your head.

    Well, he’s breathin’ a little easier now, but… let’s make his life interesting. What say?

    Here’s the deal Mr. D. R. Inmate:

    The governor says he’ll permanently lift the 5.25000 business (so that won’t ever be a worry any more) if you’d like for him to, but to do so!… he’ll then issue a new pardon that is yet subject to immediate cancellation (and thus your immediate execution) the minute your money market mutual fund breaks the buck, if ever.

    That would constitute your mm mutual fund expressing its NAV as: “less than but not equal to 1.0000 per share — even for one stinkin’ close of business.”

    You reckon which deal from the governor is the best one?… You wanna stick, Mr. D.R.I., with the 5.25000 10-Y-T monkey business, or you reckon you’d like to take a stab with the alternative.

    So, which’un is the one you’d prefer? C’mon now… we ain’t got all day for you to decide.

  6. Ross commented on Aug 16

    Out bailing hay this morning before it rained so I missed this mornings goings on. But I LOVE THE SMELL OF MARGIN CALLS IN THE MORNING.
    To quote some favorite lines from ‘Brother where art thou’ ‘Dooo Nooot Seeeek the treasure.’ ‘We thought you was a toad’ ‘Doooo nooot seeek the treasure. It’s an ambush’.
    Will somebody ring a bell at the bottom?

  7. DC commented on Aug 16

    Hey Ross – you can bail out or bail water, but you bale hay.

  8. Ross commented on Aug 16

    Yes DC, bailed out long ago. Bailed water in May and June. My black cows gotta eat. By the way, I’m bullish on black cows, brown cows, hay meadows DBA and PMPIX…
    Ta ta. Gotta feed the chickens.

  9. Eclectic commented on Aug 17

    I’m surprised that nobody enjoyed my taunt psychological metaphor.

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