Quote of the Day: a dude so hip . . .

A review of Fox Business channel in today’s NYT mentions my media superstar pal Cody:

"A co-host named Cody, a dude so hip he doesn’t tuck his shirt in, was interviewing a random customer about his plans for Christmas spending. “Expensive chocolates,” was the man’s reply"

Tee hee. If they only knew what i know . . .


Ready or Not, Here Comes the Fox Business Network
NYT, October 20, 2007

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  1. Steven Colbert commented on Oct 20

    I love this quote: Its ripped right off my show!

    “Earlier, I had interviewed Neil Cavuto, Fox Business’s star anchor and managing editor, who sought to differentiate his channel in another way. “We don’t use jargon, and we don’t use analysts,” he said. “We’re not afraid to defy what seems to be conventional wisdom. Let’s not buy lock, stock and barrel what everyone else says. Let’s not assume that all mortgages are melting down and all companies are crooked.”

    No analysis, no thinking — I may have to switch networks!

  2. Justin commented on Oct 20

    Cody is cool…but he needs a bow-tie…lol.

    Off topic from a novice:


    If the FED follows short-term interest rates, which are trending lower, and lower, are we not in for a major decoupling of the fincancial markets? WTF, there is no way that the dollar can sustain such down-ward pressure. Please, pundits enlighten me!

  3. lurker commented on Oct 20

    off topic I know but I have to post that cooking the inflation numbers so COLA increases are low is ripping off old people.
    Wow, that is yet another thing for Americans everywhere and of every age to be proud of. Our government steals from the elderly…super.

  4. Florida commented on Oct 20

    Every time I see Neil Cavuto, I think of the movie “So I Married an Axe Murderer:”

    “I’m not kidding, that boy’s head is like Sputnik; spherical but quite pointy at parts! Now that was offsides, wasn’t it? He’ll be crying himself to sleep tonight, on his huge pillow.”

  5. MarkTX commented on Oct 20

    Its easy to think straight,
    when your head is not cluttered with (the) facts….


  6. GerryL commented on Oct 20

    I was looking forward to the Fox Business Network because I am getting real tired of CNBC. However, I have watched some of Fox and I agree with the author. I can’t figure out what Fox is trying to do.

  7. dark1p commented on Oct 20

    Fox is trying to do what Fox usually tries to do. Crap.

    Barry, can’t you talk to Cody and get him to reconsider appearing on the latest Faux ‘network’? Although I always sensed a bit of cheesiness in his personal proclivities, surely he is better than this professionally.

    Then again, the guy probably has an agent telling him what great exposure this is. Perhaps he’s being groomed as the next right-wing hipster. OK, the first right-wing hipster.

    OK, I guess that’s just impossible, period.

  8. Tom C. commented on Oct 20

    Keeping ‘entitlement’ costs down is stealing? Pretending that Social Security is actuarial based insurance is the fraud. The same folks who write the checks determine the rate of inflation. The fraudsters control both sides of the scam. Ponzi would be proud!

  9. Bob A commented on Oct 20

    “Happy Hour”… or “the Goofy Hour” ?

  10. Walker commented on Oct 20

    From the article

    “I think someone will win,” Mr. Ailes said. “I’m not saying there isn’t room for both CNBC and the Fox Business network. But one of them will do better, make more money and be the one that more people gravitate to.”

    The one that will win is the one that more accurately reflects reality. Right now that is neither of them, though CNBC is slightly more bear friendly. The first one to wake up wins.

  11. Dave commented on Oct 20

    Walker: CNBC has always been pretty bullish. They will continue to be even if we have a terrible recession. That’s basically their job, to sugar coat things and give people a sense of optimism. With out optimism, when the times are rough or will be rough, most of their viewers couldn’t watch their channel.

    When I say most of their viewers, I mean people trading their retirement accounts, or other accounts that don’t allow them to short (with out the use of ETFs).

    I, myself, tend to be a realist, like most of us that visit Barry’s wonderful blog. But as long as things are sugar coated (including the inflation numbers, the chance of a recession, the credit crisis, etc etc), CNBC will continue to have the right to be bullish.

    I’ve been a realist about this economy for sometime now, but being a realist doesn’t always make you $$. In the process I’ve learned to set aside my personal views of the market and just read the charts.

    Most CNBC viewers can’t do that (they always will and want to be bullish … plus most of them don’t know what reading a chart means).

    Besides, realism never sells well :)

  12. F. Frederson commented on Oct 20

    “The one that will win is the one that more accurately reflects reality.”

    Bzzzt! The one that will one is the one that will attract the most viewers/advertisers. If reality mattered, Bloomberg would be the top network. Fox may win by doing what CNBC does, but one louder: dress up a pump-and-dump operation as breathless analysis, flavored with assorted bits entertainment.

  13. tekel commented on Oct 20

    As Atrios pointed out, Fox news started Monday. Since Monday, the Dow, Nasdaq, and S&P are all down almost 5%. Obviously cause -> effect: the only logical explanation is that Rupert Murdoch is doing everything in his power to destroy America.

  14. donna commented on Oct 20

    “the only logical explanation is that Rupert Murdoch is doing everything in his power to destroy America.”

    Oh, heck, he’s been doing that for years now. Why can’t he just go back to destroying his own country?

    I swear he stole all his ideas from that Bond movie and we’ve just been living it out the last few years.

  15. owlbear1 commented on Oct 20

    “expensive chocolates”

    Krugerrands under cocoa?

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