Damn Spammers!

My apologies to those of you who tried posting, but are getting tagged as spammers.

I haven’t changed any settings, but Typepad seems to have become unusually aggressive in blocking posts — to the point where I cannot even comment !

I’ve identified a few potential problems: Very long URLs, which they seem to think is spam, or unusual (or long) number/letter strings. Spammers try to use thse to throw off the captcha filters, but it appears the arms race just got kicked up a notch. The usual mortgage ad language is a bad idea also.

For those of you unable to comment, try a shorter version (with no URLs) or even "ABCDE" and then email me the full comment.

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  1. peter from oz commented on Dec 10

    as discussed with you over the weekend
    perversely glad my frustration and disappointment last week might get some action
    BTW am desperate for RSS Feed
    rgds pcm

  2. b commented on Dec 10

    I have the same problem at my typepad driven blog.

    Late last week Typepad introduced a new “feature”, like usually without telling its customers, that moves the general spam detection, which was working just fine, down to a blog level.

    At the same time they somwhat misconfigurated the detection mechanism so now it will trigger anytime someone burps.

    I have no idea why they did so and their helpdesk seems (like usual) uninformed and unhelpful.

    There is no way for the blog owner to influence the spam trigger level. But they allow you to look at the mess they created.

    In your typepad menue you can now go to “comments” “spam” and see all the nice comments your regular commentators have made and were not allowed to post because they are “spam”.

    Now tell me, why do I pay these idiots.

  3. xf commented on Dec 10

    Maybe 6A is just tired of your money.

    > try a shorter version (with no URLs)

    or tinyurl.

  4. Chuck Ponzi commented on Dec 10

    Long live WORDPRESS.ORG!

    You pay for this crap?


    Chuck Ponzi

  5. cinefoz commented on Dec 11

    Thanks for the insight. I thought you just didn’t like me.

    BTW, what happened to Kudlow’s blog. He won’t allow posting there anymore.

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