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Yeah, I know  I am having some feed issues . . .


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  1. ken h commented on Jan 23

    Well there goes the market. they must have decided to use Cramer’s bailout idea. Ambac up almost 6 bucks. I’m just going to spend like a drunken sailor. What’s the point of following the rules? Nobody else does.

  2. SINGER commented on Jan 23

    That Crash CHART was the “NEAR TERM” bottom…..

  3. David commented on Jan 23


    I don’t use Feedburner to subscribe to site feeds, but I’ve clicked on the little Feedburner icon in your sidebar, and I can read your site feed just fine.

  4. Barry Ritholtz commented on Jan 23

    Nah, I got that over the weekend, and scheduled it to launch while I was other busy and unable to get to a machine (in NJ at CNBC).

    The timing was just dumb luck.

    The better timing was the tradeable low call on CNBC at 11:55am . . .

  5. BB commented on Jan 23


    I dont watch CNBC while I trade(for obvious reasons). But are you suggesting that while you were guest hosting you called the bottom today? You are like the new Cramer!! Just kidding with ya… I know we were looking for some type of reversal day…

    this run up will give my friends a chance to get out of their longs.. these are my friends that didnt get out in Q3-4 when I told them so… some people just get lucky.

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