GYOFBM (Off Topic Comments Removed)


I hope y’all had your fun, but I just unpublished half of the 150 comments on Look Out Below, and banned the clowns responsible. Buh-bye.

This wasn’t merely off topic comments, it was a blog hijacking.

This is an economic/market blog, not a political blog. There are lots of blogs where you can pointlessly spew back and forth on topics of your own choosing — but this ain’t one of them.

Our Terms of Use are pretty clear (go reread ’em), and we ban asshats with extreme prejudice. *GYOFBM.

For those of you who come here for intelligent debate on relevant market issues, I apologize for the boorish behavior of a few trolls and hacks.

I normally try to steer clear of politics, ’cause it obviously makes your lizard brain go insane. If the price of Liberty is eternal vigilance, well, the 7 minutes spent I unpublishing 79 comments was a price paid well worth it.





* GYOFBM = get your own fuckin’ blog, mate.

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  1. Florida commented on Jan 16

    Things must’ve gotten crazy after I went to bed last night. Glad I’m an early to bed type guy!

  2. JT commented on Jan 16

    I did not see the comments but thank you.

  3. bluestatedon commented on Jan 16

    Barry, I applaud your common sense, but I wonder if I’ve missed out on some hilariously ridiculous wingnuttery… what about publishing them in a separate article?

  4. Alex Khenkin commented on Jan 16

    Well, meaningless words like “capitalism” and “socialism” somehow tend to bring the worst out.

  5. DavidB commented on Jan 16


    Keep that up and the administration will hire you.

    I was one of the ones who read all 149 posts(out of morbid curiosity, it’s just like eating potato chips sometimes you just can’t stop) while resisting the urge to jump in but your reaction this morning made the…..’ordeal’……worth suffering.


  6. Eric Davis commented on Jan 16

    Damn…. I didn’t get a chance to get involved…..

    *remembers, stay on topic*

  7. internet-anon commented on Jan 16

    And on to better things (as the politicos on both extremes are whacked)…

    do I finally see a bottoming in the USD????

    and do I dare predict that there won’t be a recession (per the yield curve)?

    see political calculations for a quasi-real-time yield curve/recession probability chart.

  8. Max commented on Jan 16

    They won’t get their own blogs because they know nobody would read them.

  9. Camille commented on Jan 16

    I have to remind myself to not feed the trolls, but I still sometimes throw myself into flamewars. The temptation is tooo great.

  10. bassface commented on Jan 16

    I think you should change it to:


  11. Innocent Bystander commented on Jan 16

    I began by reading each word, then every other word, one word per sentence, every other sentence, then one sentence per paragragh. I’m glad its gone. Wrong blog.

  12. pmorrisonfl commented on Jan 16

    I eventually started skipping posts and responses to author to filter for non-feces-throwing content. I guess the most terrible thing about the world is that everyone has their reasons (quoting Jean Renoir).

  13. L’Emmerdeur commented on Jan 16

    For a moment there, I panicked, thinking I might have posted there… Kudos! That invitation to post really was a perfect roach motel!

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