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Interesting new site coming from Frank Cioffi, the PR and media relations guy, and former tv news journalist: Tech Investor News.

His first two outings are for Apple (May 2007) and Google was launched today. The plan is to roll this out for another 20 tech names over the next 18 months.


I like the BlinkX Video feed on each page:



Google Investor News

Apple Investor News

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  1. Camille commented on Feb 20

    I think I’m suffering from information overload with that compound video feed.

  2. cinefoz commented on Feb 20

    Why don’t they subtitle it

    “Google — ALL About ME! And What Others Are Saying about ME! And What I Am Saying About ME! — I’m GOOGLE! Read All About ME!!”

  3. Max commented on Feb 20

    Yawn… Yet another service for geeks to lose their shirts.

  4. Jonathan commented on Feb 20

    Strange that this is going to start for Apple and Google, considering that Google shares are priced about as high as they will ever be. With a current P/E of 38.30 something has got to give.

  5. JustinTheSkeptic commented on Feb 20

    Hey, off topic…are there any old English people that remember what the national “u rah, rah,” was back when you were losing your labor wage power? Please, ask your moms, dads, and grandma’s and granddad’s… Help, my fellow Americans to wake-up!

  6. John Borchers commented on Feb 20

    Symbol is EWZ or Brazil’s Bospa (sp?) index.

  7. Steve Barry commented on Feb 20

    I haven’t been able to post for awhile…first thing on my mind is the absolute rock bottom short interest levels on QQQQ and its top names (I am posting a link that you can go to the symbol box and view about 10 symbols in the drop down). Most have short ratios well below 1, though the minumum short ratio displayed is 1. I personally have never seen ratios this low and it eliminates the possibility of short covering rallies.

    Disclosure: Long QID

    Nas Short Interest

  8. mhm commented on Feb 20

    Be careful with EWZ… it is a managed fund, not a pure index. The dynamics are different. Not as simple as “have gone up, must come down by the same amount”.

    Again, it is a managed fund. They may turn to cash or other securities in an emergency…

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