Aggressive Comment Deleting & Banning

Just an FYI:

I have been very aggressively deleting and banning comments from pinheads — especially from 1st time, wingnut posters. If you’ve been reading TBP and posting regularly, you get the benefit of the doubt if a comment inches towards the line in our recently updated  Disclosures & Terms of Use.

I also upped the spam filters. If you tried but were unable to post, try a shorter comment or less p0rn related words (I can always add to the comment later). This will work for 99.5% of you.

The remaining 0.5% should think about your life philosophy, and consider making radical changes in your personal belief system.

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  1. Gregory Dursteler commented on Mar 14

    Barry, you don’t sleep much do you? 9:30 pm, 3 am, 6:09 am…

  2. Eliot Spitzer commented on Mar 14

    “The remaining .05% should think about their life philosophy…….”


  3. Eric Davis commented on Mar 14

    Nice…. But where will I go for my daily dose of “Wing Nut”, if not here…. Maybe I’ll have to start listening to the voices in my head….

  4. Barry Ritholtz commented on Mar 14

    No, the software let’s you schedule stuff in advance —

    If you see anything that posts on the hour or half hour (9:00, 3:30), you can assume that was pre-set.

    Otherwise, I let the time stamp did its thing automatically . . .

  5. JustinTheSkeptic commented on Mar 14

    Barry, I handle myself ok, don’t I? Except for the times I’m doing the pinot! :-) Thanks for the insight that you provide.

  6. jb commented on Mar 14

    These types of “words of wisdom” are in themselves worth the price of admission!

    Don’t ever change!!!


  7. Marcus Aurelius commented on Mar 14

    Why do I always get the feeling Barry is talking to me?

    So, Clinton, Obama, and McCain walk into a bar…

  8. D. commented on Mar 14

    Good luck with the change in philosophy bit.

    There’s genetics and there’s the environment… in every group, people instinctly find their place so there will always be wingnuts no matter the topic.

    It’s a constant of life that humans don’t want to accept.

  9. SPECTRE of Deflation commented on Mar 14

    Economics…economics…economics. There, I feel better already! Keep up the great work Barry!

  10. SPECTRE of Deflation commented on Mar 14

    MA, and their handlers decide which drinks they should have, where they should sit, if they will be making a statement…LOL!

  11. Es tut mir vey der boykh commented on Mar 14

    Oy, I am hurting now. Should I cover or wait for a pullback? What if there is no pullback? Oy, I am losing my tokhes.

    Please help!

  12. Florida commented on Mar 14

    Man, I go out of town for a week and you guys go crazy with the comments. What the heck happened up in here?

    As always, Barry, love your work–keep it up, my man!

  13. pft commented on Mar 14

    In this day and age, where those like Spitzer who go up against the establishment and are destroyed, you are forgiven.

  14. me commented on Mar 14

    What jb and Marcus said.

  15. John F. commented on Mar 14

    Does your software KNOW what an ad hominem attack is, or do you not apply it to your own posts?

  16. Henry Miller commented on Mar 14

    I’ve only been coming here for a short time but it’s apparent that if you don’t agree with Barry then you’re not welcomed. A couple of folks tell Barry he must have problems with women and Barry gets mad. LOL! What a child!!! Phuck this site!
    BR: I work hard to keep this site free of trolls and asshats.

    If you do not not know how to communicate intelligently and politely, then its adios muchachos!

    There are lots of places online to go for a screaming flame war. This ain’t one of them. As I have said, disagree with me all you want. Just don’t be an asshat!

  17. Chris D. commented on Mar 14

    I appreciate your policing the comments. This blog is like a nice vacation from the rest of the insanity that is the “blogosphere.”

  18. wunsacon commented on Mar 14

    Take care, Henry. Enjoy the other blogs.

  19. SPECTRE of Deflation commented on Mar 14

    Henry, don’t let the door hit you in the ass. Have a nice life clueless!

  20. ECONOMISTA NON GRATA commented on Mar 14

    I apologize to all for all my indiscretions.

    I’m so vain, I knew that you were talking about me, I’m so vainnnnn…


  21. Stormrunner commented on Mar 14

    Off topic but kinda miss the tracker for thread comments.

  22. k2163 commented on Mar 14

    Why the back to back loan through JPM? Why didn’t BSC go direct? Is BSC not a bank?

  23. Northern Observer commented on Mar 14

    I don’t wanna be a pinhead no more
    I just met a nurse that I could go for
    Gabba Gabba hey.

  24. Koba commented on Mar 14

    ad hominem wingnut attack = when someone disagrees with me.

    Barry’s ad hominem = speaking truth to power, man-n-n-n.

    Ah, the koolaid is delicious.

  25. Max commented on Mar 14

    One thing not noted is the posters who forge (that’s what it is) the names of well known personalities to their usually childish posts. That should be stopped.

  26. George Bush commented on Mar 14

    If you’ve got something to say to me Max, then say it. Otherwise, I’ll just have to call this “mission accomplished”.

  27. Barry Ritholtz commented on Mar 14

    That’s ironically symmetrical:

    In a post warning people that I am deleting moronic rants, we get a rant from a moron complaining about the deletions.

  28. Greg0658 commented on Mar 14

    The Street Light bloglink
    has a last day updated June 22,2007

  29. Francois commented on Mar 14

    Oooh master of this Universe,
    We, your obliged and undignified subjects,
    Shall abide by your wise and unfaltering guidance.

    Have mercy of our weaknesses as we are mere mortals.



  30. Francois commented on Mar 14

    On a more serious note:

    Go for the wingnuts’ jugular. That’ll teach them that this is NOT the true meaning of Central Planning, but the absolute need of having regulation (yes! the other R-word) in any agora and/or market.

    Good Job Chief!

  31. ncnla commented on Mar 14

    Diversity of opinion and intelligent feedback are part of what makes blogs so much fun to read, and so superior I think to the MSM, but still — who has time to sift through hundreds of spam, off-topic, lazy, deranged or just plain ignorant comments to get to a nugget of insight? So this comment section is edited? I for one am glad. Thanks for the hard work, Barry!

  32. jojo commented on Mar 14

    Barry, are you STILL drawing wingnut neo-con flies around here?
    …bastards are more loyal to their misconceptions than the Wermacht in Argentina….

  33. jojo (brion) commented on Mar 14

    anybody else notice i left the h off wehrmacht to give ’em sumthin’ to hang a diatribe on?

  34. brion commented on Mar 15

    someone please post, i’m lonely on a friday night, listening to my dead records, gently caressing to bill maher and reminiscing about how cool the 60’s were, eventhough i was only an infant-

  35. wunsacon commented on Mar 15

    Brion, go page thru Barry’s Essays & Effluvia section. Great stuff there.

    I typically let a few months go by and then read them all in a row. Kinda like enjoying several months of your Far Side flip calendar at a time, after you forgot to turn the page for a few months.

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