Bloomberg Appearance (3/20/08)

I grabbed this off of the Bloomberg site: Its Thursday’s quick hit.

click for video


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  1. Max commented on Mar 22

    You grabbed it off Bloomberg? What does that mean? Even with your link to deconstruct I can’t find a path from the front page at to your video.

    BR: Here’s the assbackwards way I found it: Go to Google, search for “ritholtz march 20 2008 bloomberg” (no quotes).

    Click the 6th or 7th headline ( Worldwide)

    That takes you to this page: U.S. Stocks Rally; Fannie Mae, GE Advance on Analyst Upgrades

    On the right hand side are half dozen headlines under “Related Video and Graphics.”


  2. Ross commented on Mar 22

    Damn you Ritholz. You go on an international financial network and talk MY book!

    Ok, I give in. It’s Fusion High I Q for me now. Do I get a biscuit with my subscription?

  3. tb commented on Mar 22

    ever notice how bloomberg has the WORST charts possible? eg that 1 week chart in the picture above has 5 data points instead of plotting all the intraday moves. they ALWAYS do that, it looks terrible!

  4. Bill commented on Mar 22

    You tell ’em Barry. I suspect Bloomberg often has a bullish bias, despite its professed impartiality. It needs more realists like you to put the record straight.

  5. Max commented on Mar 22

    Thanks Barry, The only way to get to your video is through a google search – and the links change so, it’s a new search.

    I’ve had this problem with Bloomberg making articles inaccessible before. They are on the site but, have drifted off the front page. Next time you are on, tell them how much their interface sucks.

  6. cathompson commented on Mar 23

    wah wah still no audio on bloomberg for mac users.

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