Candlesticks !

Just Brilliant:

Expert chartist view on near term prospects for the financial markets on both sides of the Atlantic.

Candle sticks

Original is here, via FT Alphaville.

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  1. JS commented on Mar 17

    Very nicely done!


  2. B.B. commented on Mar 17

    That is too funny!!..

  3. JS commented on Mar 17

    Very nicely done!


  4. jw commented on Mar 17


    But it’s really gonna get ugly when the IRS starts demanding euros for tax payments!

  5. Garuda commented on Mar 17

    Cute, but most financial stocks are holding up okay this morning…HCBK is positive after an hour of trading.

  6. Nihilism commented on Mar 17

    You ain’t see nothing yet!

    CDO, CLO, WMD, Toxic waste, leverage and more – mix it up with a bunch of crazy wall street dead-enders – and what you have is pain for average folks and death for themselves.

    Does anyone see the irony here? When fed was lowering rates to calm fears in March 2003, when we begin this campaign of fighting the “war” out there…; we were also planting the seeds of greed, here at home.

    Now as we have “peace” out there, fed’s rate cuts are likely create oppoiste here at home.

    My back of the envelope “philosophical” calculation says we end this bear market to pre-war highs – somewhere between 900/1000 on the S&P 500. Just a strong hunch!


  7. John Bruso commented on Mar 17

    Check out Paulson on “This Week with George Stephanopoulos”:

    I’m no body language expert, but when someone shakes their head no, when they are saying yes… doesn’t that usually mean they’re lieing through their teeth?

    He only shakes his head up and down when he says the Fed is independant (7:05ish), about the only true statement he could muster.

    Check out 7:30 – 7:45 “Our long term economic fundamentals are strong”.. he’s going to shake his ears off.

    not sure how conclusive it is… but sure is funny :)

  8. Peter Davis commented on Mar 17

    Is that a diagram of Bernanke’s credibility? Or perhaps it’s our “Strong Dollar Policy”?

    Then again, maybe I’m just crazy…

  9. SPECTRE of Deflation commented on Mar 17

    Barry, you telling us to go long candlesticks? LOL! Couldn’t resist with this “meltdown”.

  10. gunthestops commented on Mar 17


    When you are on with Kudlow tonight, ask him if he feel he owes the investing community a profound apology for being so wrong on everything from gold, oil, real estate, stocks, dollar, inflation and almost anything to do with economics and finance. The real question is; should anyone really keep a job when they are consistently wrong, and so pig headed to not even realize they are totally incompetent.

  11. Dee Leverage commented on Mar 17

    John B,

    Nice catch on Paulson video…if he’s telling the truth, he should still go to see a neurological specialist.

  12. NOR commented on Mar 17


    he will not lose his job
    he is paid for telling fairytale stories
    you know that…

  13. lurker commented on Mar 17

    I just realized we are watching THE AMAZING RACE! The fed is trying to devalue all our dollars before the banks can lose them all.
    Now that’s excitement!!!! First one to zero wins…

  14. NOR commented on Mar 17

    I am a neurologist!
    Still I dont even want to watch the video since I knew as long as you guys did, this guy is full of crap.

    BTW, bankfailures are closing up on us i Norway now as well, though its only 4 days ago since they officially went out to say all is well and financial disaster cannot occur in Norway..

    Ha ha ha….

    They forgot we understand smoke and mirrors got cheap in Norway as well..

  15. Ross commented on Mar 17

    Well said, lurker. Sadly well said.

  16. AGG commented on Mar 17

    That must be Elliot’s tsunami wave.

  17. NOR commented on Mar 17

    I know many here are investors.
    I enjoy watching a rotten animal getting eaten by itself, inside-out…

    Call it karma..
    Call it reap as you sow..
    Call it payback..

    It does not matter..

    Nature regulates itself.

    Nothing else..

  18. D. commented on Mar 17

    “Markets so bad, analysts are laughing

    Jokes like this one have got to serve as some sort of bottom-of-the-market indicator”

    This is what I just read in GlobeInvestor regarding this comical chart! The market is clinging to any kind of positive sign. We are so far from the trough.

  19. Paul in NYC commented on Mar 17

    That little animation makes me wonder how many of you have ever bowled Candlepin? Great way to work out the stress. I highly recommended for former BSC employees.

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