Friday Night Jazz: Andreas Vollenweider

What a day — what a week!

I’m beat. FNJ is going to have be on hiatus this week — instead, I offer up some relaxing world  music by Andreas Vollenweider

I haven’t listened to him in years — found ’em right after college —  My favorite disc of his is Behind the Gardens-Behind the Wall-Under the Tree.


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Wiki entry

Disc:  Behind the Gardens-Behind the Wall-Under the Tree

There are surprising number of YouTube videos of Vollenweider


My favorite song:  Pyramid-In The Wood-In The Bright Light

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  1. Pool Shark commented on Mar 14

    Have you heard his Grammy-winning Down to the Moon?

    That and Dancing with the Lion are his two best.


  2. Barry Ritholtz commented on Mar 14

    I have his first few discs:

    Behind the Gardens-Behind the Wall-Under the Tree.
    Caverna Magica
    White Winds
    Down to the Moon

    But I seem to always go back to Behind the Garden . . .

  3. MitchN commented on Mar 14

    Bar, you never cease to amaze. Excellent work this week. Keep it up.

  4. Dieter commented on Mar 14

    Ah yes. Vollenweider… the Autobahn… my Mercedes, eager like a young virgin, trembling and responsive… the Blaupunkt stereo-system emitting high levels of sound intensities.




  5. Al Czervic commented on Mar 14

    Saw him years ago at the Beacon. Very impressive live performance.

  6. Chief Tomahawk commented on Mar 14

    I guess I have 36 hours to prepare for Linkfest’s “Look ahead”. Hard hat, flak jacket, MREs, …

    Think of all the Bear Stearns articles to roll out tomorrow…

  7. TypePad Support commented on Mar 14

    Hi, this is a test comment for support purposes. Please feel free to delete it.

  8. Greg0658 commented on Mar 14

    reminds me … not seen much coverage of the space shuttle since the launch

    busy week of down on earth news

  9. MarkM commented on Mar 15

    Shhhh. Quiet about that! That’s the new plan, man. We are loading up the shuttle with all the bad paper and sending it into orbit. Viola! Problem solved! It’s the ultimate off balance sheet vehicle. :)

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