Kudlow Appearance (3/26/08)

Here are tonite’s appearance:

I sure wish CNBC would get hip to embeddable flash media, like BrightCove. The klunky old windows media players crash all the time. (I don’t understand why they went with this 10 year old technology).


Stocks for the Long Run

click for klunky old windows media player:

Transports and Agricultural Commodities, Coal and Energy 

click for klunky old windows media player:


Larry’s Big Intro, and Prof Jeremy Siegel

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  1. Mel commented on Mar 26

    Stop nodding when Kudlow talks–it makes you look like his bitch–and, you’re not. Also, call him out on his right wing insanity–without regulation, adequate taxation, and protectionism, we are approaching a new depression. Put another way, the sh*t is already on the fan and Kudlow wants to continue the same policies–and you nod in agreement.

  2. Ant commented on Mar 26

    I don’t understand why they went with this 10 year old technology

    No idea. But my first guess would be 5 letters: MSNBC

  3. Pat G. commented on Mar 26

    I repeat-the increase in transportation revenue could be due to an increase in exports which is due to the decrease in the falling dollar. Everything is relative.

  4. KudlowIsADouche commented on Mar 26

    Mel is right. Larry is a total douchebag. Next time ask him why is he the constant optimist in the face of economic reports that are rather horrific in both depth and breadth. Too much blow perhaps?

  5. Dee Leverage commented on Mar 26

    Shanghai Comp now down 40% in 6 months…as Seinfeld would say “that’s not going to be good for anyone” (except us shorts).

  6. Marcus Aurelius commented on Mar 27


    Since they typically show only head & shoulders shots of the guests, I’m assuming you wear hip-waders when you visit Kudlow (and that everyone else is butt naked from the waist down).

    Do your shoes stick to the floor when it’s over?

  7. KirkH commented on Mar 27

    Someone needed to call them on their stone aged tech. I have CNBC+ because I like to watch it next to Bloomberg on my PC.

    So I sign up and it says “sorry, you need to open this page in Internet Exploerer”

    Are you kidding me?!? They charge for this and they’re using AOL era video streaming?

  8. Eric commented on Mar 27

    What’s with the adventure music! Give me a break.

  9. Eric commented on Mar 27

    What’s with the adventure music! Give me a break.

  10. MrWoohoo commented on Mar 27

    WM only works for me 25% or so of the time here :(

  11. lidia commented on Mar 27

    Safari on a mac: The advertising clips work great, but it never plays the feature. Just the ad part over & over. :(

  12. BG commented on Mar 27

    You’re right.

    Embedded video clips from CNBC never work here. Bloomberg works OK.

  13. GRUMPYOLDVET commented on Mar 27

    Barry, gotta agree with Mel above….you looked nlike a Bobblehead Doll to Larry’s BS…..Larry is all for Free Markets as long as he makes out..the minute the trade goes against him he cries….look at his track record with every firm he has been with…beibg positive is OK but ya gotta be willing to call the downturn when it comes…..

  14. Mark Hessel commented on Mar 27

    It’s interesting to note that
    Kudlow said the market might be
    reacting to the possibilty of
    3 democratic branches next fall.

    I didn’t realize how far the
    market looks ahead.

  15. MitchN commented on Mar 27

    Geez-us, Kudlow makes Charlie Rose sound like Samuel Beckett. Give that man some Kaopectate!

  16. The Spoiler commented on Mar 27


    Kudlow is optimistic because a republican administration is in power…he is a GOP cheerleader. Watch him go nuclear pessimistic when a dem is in the White House…

  17. wunsacon commented on Mar 27

    This is the first and last time I’ll watch a Kudlow video.

  18. Howard Veit commented on Mar 27

    CNBC, the tout machine, only uses the technology competition forces them to use. One might hope that the new FOX business channel would change that, but no, they have a bunch of little girls blabbering away about BS and some show taking place in a bar. BTW, this AM I saw CNBC urge their viewers to consider SHORTING a market; anyone following their advice down the sewer should sue. Jesus, talk about risky trades. And this one was touted as an investment tool.

    CNBC has a few good points and a few good people who know what they are doing but people apparently watch business channels for investment buying tips and not real info. If investors wanted real info Investors Business Daily would have a circulation of eight million more than the Journal instead of two million less.

  19. Andrew commented on Mar 27

    okay, big kuds is a demagogue etc etc, but did anyone else feel the desire to stand up and cheer that poor man near the end of that first clip when he was talking about the four stock market killers? I was downright inspired! (I’m only, like, 10% joking — I actually was stirred).

    Also, Barry, not to blow smoke but you handle these poor old benighted fellows very well. Kuds is turning bear before our eyes, I’m honestly almost proud.

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