New High Rise Townhouses

How is this for the latest real estate development concept?’


(Thanks, Gary!)



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  1. Pool Shark commented on Mar 14

    Well, they’re not making any more land, but they are making more double-wides…

  2. VennData commented on Mar 14

    The modular nature of this architecture lends itself ideally to a condo conversion. Not sure if this er… neck of the woods has been given the higher conforming loan limits necessary.

  3. Ben commented on Mar 14

    Watching photo like this, I think it is time to cover my short position if I have any!

  4. SPECTRE of Deflation commented on Mar 14

    Barry, ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Everglades finally may get developed. I have my eye on Penthouse.

  5. SPECTRE of Deflation commented on Mar 14

    Is one of those beauties a former house boat? Man, I love the thinking behind the concept. If Global Warming is real, we sail off into the sunset. What a selling point!

  6. Eric Davis commented on Mar 14

    Sweet!!! where do you get those big trees? I’d totally live there….

  7. Michael C. commented on Mar 14

    Wow! That dark blue trailer looks very precarious.

  8. Jim commented on Mar 14

    Gotta love the cool orange storage ‘pods’ lower right. No visible rust, either.

  9. harry commented on Mar 14


  10. Anne commented on Mar 14

    Neil Boortz posted that on his site a week or so ago – the “Redneck Mansion”

  11. ramstone commented on Mar 14

    “I call it ‘Manhattan Reimagined.’ We preserved the typical condo square footage and extrapolated the knock-on effects of a cyclical bear market. The Whitney is very interested.”

  12. SPECTRE of Deflation commented on Mar 14

    harry, plumbing? You don’t need no stinkin’ plumbing when you live so close to the water. Think of the sunsets while you read the Sunday Paper backed up to a big ole’ pine tree.

  13. SPECTRE of Deflation commented on Mar 14

    Eric, I can have it at your site anytime you want it, but the shade thingy will be a problem once we cut it down to nail it somewhere on your site. It’s post modernism at it’s finest.

  14. SPECTRE of Deflation commented on Mar 14

    I think the Red Barone lives in the white/green condo at far left. I want a pirate flag for mine because it just seems to fit what happening on Wall Street.

  15. Ali Saygin commented on Mar 14

    The upper left unit (green stripes) is onto the next alternative energy bubble. Seems like they bought a wind turbine with the HELOC money

  16. LFC commented on Mar 14

    Expect foreclosures even on these babies. According to this article, inflation has hit their staples. I refer, of course, to pizza and beer. If we see similar jumps in cigarettes and lottery tickets, the redneck class will be wiped out.

    I suggest going long on moonshine.

  17. wunsacon commented on Mar 14

    >> Gotta love the cool orange storage ‘pods’ lower right. No visible rust, either.

    “Pods”? Make that “outdoor walk-in closets”.

  18. Al Czervic commented on Mar 14

    Don’t laugh. In a couple years this will be an American UPPER MIDDLE CLASS neighborhood.

  19. Quiddity commented on Mar 14

    New digs for Bear Stearns executives?

  20. Ross commented on Mar 14

    Excellent post to divert the angst. Kudos and DIBS ON THE PENTHOUSE!!!

  21. SPECTRE of Deflation commented on Mar 14

    I wonder what the HOA Fees are to live in this exclusive community? I love the large walk in closet concept for the Pods although during summers you can only hit the closet while temps hover just below 160 degrees inside these palace sized closets.

  22. SPECTRE of Deflation commented on Mar 14

    All these beauties are missing is an outdoor patio that’s as easy as attaching a rope or ladder so that homeowners can clammer up to the roof to take advantage of the pristine pastures for of goats. You haven’t lived till you hear there beautiful music at sunrise and sunset. Who needs an iPod when you have nature to soothe the soul?

  23. bluestatedon commented on Mar 14

    Makes walking the dog a big pain in the ass, not to mention coming home with a snootful and having to negotiate the stairs to the penthouse.

  24. bk commented on Mar 14

    Didn’t I read that Warren has recently invested in a manufactured home company? Well, once again, it seems he may have scored (maybe he’ll recoup some of the insurance losses writing policies to double-wide owners. Niche insurance.)

  25. Donkei commented on Mar 14


    Where’d you get those pictures of my family’s compound?

    We generally shoot city slickers that come up here w/ them thar picture-taking devices.

  26. Tom O commented on Mar 14

    I’m wondering how the financing for that property got a AAA rating!

    Tom O

  27. Greenspan commented on Mar 14

    It must cost an ARM and a leg

  28. SPECTRE of Deflation commented on Mar 14

    Bend-over won’t discuss any of the important news of the day, but he has a wonderful torte recipe for those that want to take their minds off their dwindling fortunes. Maybe he mentioned tort law and was misquoted.

  29. donna commented on Mar 14

    Is this the new Bear Stearns headquarters office?

  30. SPECTRE of Deflation commented on Mar 14

    Ben, you are doing great! So far I know where they may vacation this year, what his favorite dish is, and what’s in store for our important trading partner, Outer Mongolia!

  31. scorpio commented on Mar 14

    when does the S&P 500 revisit 500? will we take out all the stops along the way? say good-bye to the Clinton era, the Greenspan era, Gingrich and Rubin and Bush and Cheney? what will the new world look like, which i anticipate we’ll be looking at sometime after Nov 4, when Big Ben gives up the heavy lifting and becomes a serious central banker again.

  32. Ben commented on Mar 14

    Outer Mongolia! Near the border of Russia? Oh Dear! Oh Dear!

  33. larrybob commented on Mar 14

    just askin’ for a tornado…

  34. SPECTRE of Deflation commented on Mar 14

    Ben, where else can you find a new late model Yak for the commute when you can no longer afford oil?

  35. Bruce F commented on Mar 14


    You read my mind. I thought trailers sitting on the ground were the last place you wanted to be in a hurricane. How does that get any better when you stack them on top of one another?

    So is a real pic or is it photoshopped?

  36. Sergio commented on Mar 14

    I saw this in person. It was (is?) a theatre set for a Chekov play performed in Amsterdam.

  37. Monzie commented on Mar 14

    heard it’s on an earthquake fault…

  38. mat commented on Mar 14

    isn’t it on a Perenthian island, Malaysia ?

  39. American ZIRP commented on Mar 14

    So Bear Stearns fired the first shot in the subprime debacle with the failure of those two hedge funds.

    Is this the first shot in a cycle of (near) insovlencies? This could go on for a while.

  40. SPECTRE of Deflation commented on Mar 14

    Is there any way the FED could of handled this worse than the debacle before us? We have what amounts to a failure today, and our FED Chief refuses to discuss it or any other relevant questions. This is quickly beoming dark comedy.

  41. michael schumacher commented on Mar 14

    Bank failure number 1

    More coming to a market near you…….

    They were smart to get in line first….the dumb ones will wish they had in about two months or so.


  42. michael schumacher commented on Mar 14

    BTW S&P cuts BSC credit rating…..

    After a 40% haircut.

    How do these agencies remain in business with credibility like that…


  43. Ross commented on Mar 14

    Shoot da Bear.

    Feeling kinda sorry for Al Schwartz. A good investment banker that took one for the team.

  44. AGG commented on Mar 14

    Reality can be therapeutic. It’s all relative to where you are right now. BBC did a spot on the tent cities going up around Los Angeles. The people there would jump at the chance to upgrade from tents to trailers. Meanwhile Bill Gates wants more wifi spectrum. Oh, and bubble boy tells us how great the economy is.

  45. michael schumacher commented on Mar 14


    Lying your ass off in front of millions in order to prop up share price for “friends” is not exactly what I call “a good investment banker”…..he may have taken one for “team” however which team that is remains to be seen.

    He is a douchebag for being criminally negligent and knowing it at the time. Similar to C’s CEO giving out material non-public information to a group of bigger douchebags yesterday…..

    Removeth thy head from thy……


  46. KJ Foehr commented on Mar 14

    Ben “The Illusionist” Bernanke has just about exhausted his repertoire of prestidigitation.

    The financial system is nearing meltdown status. And Ben will be powerless to stop it.

    I believe we will see real capitulation soon.

  47. ECONOMISTA NON GRATA commented on Mar 14

    I love that place, I want to live there…..



  48. Ross commented on Mar 14

    You know I don’t disagree but I helped the guy when he was beginning his career. He was/is in an unteniable position.

    I have never had any empathy for the crooks.

    I’ll tell you a story from Al. He was being scouted for the majors and was in the Astrodome during fielding practice and watched Enos Slaughter using a Fungo hit the top of the dome…

    Yea, kinda dates me.

  49. American ZIRP commented on Mar 14

    Seriously, when Ben said there would be bank failures I thought, “Podunk National Bank”–but the 5th largest brokerage…maybe I don’t want this meltdown afterall. My bank is the one doing the bailing.

  50. ef commented on Mar 14

    Reuse, recycle, and use it up. Cool! At least there is more creativity and inventiveness there, than the monster cookie cutter, stepford-ish homes most developers put together today. Hopefully none of the trailers are from FEMA (formaldehyde gas). Icks. Are these low maintenace too. No roofing expenses. No gutters. Comes already equipped with its own maintenance free siding. What’s not to like. Lots of nice windows. Must drive the assessors nuts.

  51. Pat G. commented on Mar 14

    My wife got a kick out of this one. I told her well its better than bamboo huts.

  52. Brian commented on Mar 14

    Sweet. Human Habitrail! Now my kids hamster will be the envious one.

  53. Movie Guy commented on Mar 14

    New digs for Bear Stearns.

    Maybe the corporate office complex model for about ten more major players.

  54. Joel commented on Mar 14

    Gee, isn’t that kind of like what a CDO looks like? No wonder our financial system is on the verge of a collapse!

  55. chartist commented on Mar 15

    I definitely love this picture, you inspired me to do atraction like this in our camping park :)

    ps: great blog, great inspiration for my everyday analysis for clients in Slovakia. Thanks

  56. chartist commented on Mar 15

    I definitely love this picture, you inspired me to do atraction like this in our camping park :)

    ps: great blog, great inspiration for my everyday analysis for clients in Slovakia. Thanks

  57. Emmett commented on Mar 16

    Beautiful; but must be contrived…
    the supporting structure, including stairs is much more costly than the housing units themselves.

    Survivalist compound?
    With all the panic in the air, I’m surprised we’ve not seen a resurgence in that nut-layer of the social cake.

  58. Morten Andersen commented on Mar 18

    Hello Blog !

    I am going to Florida to photograph the worst places for the Foreclosure crisis.

    I need to photograph abandoned houses or not finished condos etc.

    Anything that indicates the crisis.

    Thanks for your help. My email is

    Morten Andersen

  59. Tess commented on Mar 20

    Fantastic. I would set up an elevator immediately.

    Graffiti on the walls would be good too.

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