Earnings Report Card

Very mixed results — is the is glass half full or half empty?

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  1. Rock commented on Apr 21

    Barry, I can’t see the chart. Just a lot of white space. Using MS IE 7.0 browser and XP home OS.


    BR: Its an embedded flash video

  2. ECONOMISTA NON GRATA commented on Apr 21

    “is the glass half full or half empty…?”

    The glass is 13/86 full. Why does it have to be exclusively, six of these or half a dozen of the other. Hasn’t anyone ever seen a glass that’s 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, or 3/99 full. Let’s stay possitive. Right….?

    Best regards,


  3. Steve in TN commented on Apr 21

    On average, the stock market has its best 1 yr returns when the SP500 earnings are between +5 and -20%, yr over yr. When they are greater than +20% or below -20% yr over yr the results are not good at all.
    Currently, estimates I’ve read are that SP500 earnings Yr over yr are -13.6%. So right now things are looking promising for investors.

  4. craig commented on Apr 21

    Steve in TN:

    Current estimates are likely too optimistic and we’ll see them come down over the next few quarters. caveat emptor. And what earnings are you using? “operating earnings”? as “reported earnings”?, or “as reported diluted earnings”? some can be fudged more than others, so once again caveat emptor.

    gotta make sure you are using the same earnings over the length of your comparison period.

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