Live Blogging CNBC

Let’s see if I can do this –WHILE I’M LIVE ON THE AIR.


WHEW!  That was difficult!  I won’t be trying that again!


11:41 am:  Intel (INTC) has a FusionIQ rating of 35 — out of 100 !

11:38 am:  Wow I agree with Harvey Pitt –thats a first !  I don’t think Hedge funds should escape regulation, but their investors need to be treated differently than stock investors…

11:33 am:  Oilmidge under $114 — the lovely Melissa Lee is sittingnext to me discussing Paulson’s committee, and hard to value assest.

11:32am:   Wow this is hard to do !

11:30am: 100 point swing in the Dow as all 3 indices slip into the red.

11:27am: Come and knock on my door: Dylan Trish & Melissa

11:24am:  Trannies & Rails — proof not of a strong economy, but of Ag, Coal and commodities.

11:22am:  I wanted to add that Airlines have had a "good" problem of increased demand over the past 30 years as more and more non-business clients became regular fliers. Most businesses welcome a secular increase in demand — it has been a problems for the Airlines.

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  1. Florida commented on Apr 15

    Too bad the airlines haven’t been able to respond to that “good problem” with decent service. And I say that as someone who has to fly quite a bit.

  2. rob commented on Apr 15


    Great segment so far. Nice succinct answers and the purple fractal tie nicely contrasts against dylan’s awful stripes.

    Go Barry!

  3. BDG123 commented on Apr 15

    What FusionIQ rating does Hank Paulson have?

  4. Gal commented on Apr 15

    Barry — live blogging definitely sets the bar for all the other bloggers out there, guess you could call it Q&A&B or just Q&B

  5. johnnyb commented on Apr 15

    Ok so If the strength in Trannies is bec of Ag and Coal then it has zero utility in Dow Theory thus Dow theory is no longer useful! Dow theory has issued a non confirm lately – that’s wrong!

  6. Fred commented on Apr 15

    Poor airlines. Lose a little on each sale and make up for it on volume.

  7. Eric Davis commented on Apr 15

    Nice Three’s company reference.

    I bet you could figure out how to just text straight to the blog, or send fun photo’s…

    straight from your phone and/or Blackberry

  8. lucy commented on Apr 15

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  9. Steve Barry commented on Apr 15

    Holy spam filter failure on the 1:35:27 post

  10. dave54 commented on Apr 15


  11. Pat G. commented on Apr 15

    “Trannies & Rails — proof not of a strong economy, but of Ag, Coal and commodities.”

    As in exports. Didn’t someone suggest that a few weeks ago?

  12. Robert commented on Apr 15

    INTC’s value according to Fusion’s calculations is only 35??? Now I’m interested in how you value stocks…

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