Kudlow & Co. Appearance (5/28/08)


Another appearance on Kudlow & Co. tonite, from 7:00 to 7:30pm (ish).

Also on tonite:

Ken Heebner, co-founder of Capital Growth Management
Jim Lacamp, portfolio
manager at RBC Dain Rauscher
Joe LaVorgna, chief U.S. economist, Deutsche Bank
Peter Morici, University
of Maryland business professor and former chief economist of the U.S.
International Trade Commission

Should be interesting

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  1. grumpyoldvet commented on May 28

    saner line-up but still GOOD LUCK

  2. Jason commented on May 28

    Wow – what a show. Should be interesting to see how bullish Heebner is on commodities.

  3. Donny commented on May 28

    Don’t mean to change the subject here … BUT

    I’ve never been a conspiracy buff … I thought the y2k thing was vastly overdone, and black helicopters, and all the crap associated with the nut cases. However, I’m starting to have an entire different opinion on the PPT.

    The Dow traded at 13,521 on May 30, 2007. Yet today (1 year later), I look at the Dow at 12,594, trading almost exactly 1,000 points, or 7 1/2% less. All this in the face of an expanding credit crisis, unprecedented home declines, cliff diving consumer confidence, yada, yada, yada.

    Call me crazy, but it seems to me like something is supporting the markets, and it ain’t coming from typical Perma-Bull, bottom callers on CNBC. Something isn’t right.

  4. Marc Fishzohn commented on May 28


    You have an outstandingly good blog… …however, I must say that the fact that the U.S. stock market hangs in there, refusing to collapse despite all the bad news (highlighted by you, plus others) certainly raises certain vital questions — such as: “why no collapse?”

    Your opinion on this would be most welcome. Best regards…

  5. Goldilocksisableachblonde commented on May 28

    Don’t eat or drink anything they offer you unless it’s in the original , tamper-proof container.

    And , of course , you’ll want to take a long shower afterwards , using copius amounts of disinfecting soap.

    Good luck.

    And don’t hold back.

  6. Darkness commented on May 28

    >Why is it if the economy is doing so bad, why are stocks like Amazon.com going up so high??

    As an upper middle class amazon shopper (when I must shop for something) I’d take a stab and say that they are by far the cheapest place to get name brand goods. Bed Bath and Beyond and Linen’s n’ Things I suspect are suffering at amazon’s entry into their market for mid-high level housewares. But this is just a consumer take on the situation. And as to the increase in shipping rates… the last 5 things I’ve bought, shipping was free, even on a professional mixer. And they have a choice of new and used on there… and as a previous post pointed out ebay kinda sucks now, making amazon a good option for that buyer traffic.

  7. babygal commented on May 28

    Just what I needed! Looking forward to the tie choice.

  8. Steve Barry commented on May 28


    I wish when Kudlow asked you about the durables, you would have added what you posted here…that the big rise was due to unfilled orders and inventory and that ex-defense the number was poor. It was a great opening to smash goldilocks.

  9. tim commented on May 28

    amazon is also branching out into other areas such as leasing their sizable infrastructure to other companies. amazon remains a well run company in a good position for the long term.


    I don’t understand your question. Buying products from amazon plus shipping is still cheaper than most local stores I know of. I also take advantage of the AmazonPrime deal – for a flat rate a year I get unlimited 2 day shipping on most products. Something which pays back in spades.

    re: kudlow

    I have never seen the show before. Never will watch again. Superficial and any show that invites Coulter on for “commentary” gets low marks in my book. What Dick Morris too busy? Or about ’bout Limbaugh’s stupider brother David?

  10. Bob A commented on May 28

    Is there a full moon?

  11. Steve Kay commented on May 28

    AIG / Insurers.
    I work for a P/C reinsuret. Our Q2 losses are 4 times what they were at for all of last year and we have not even started the hurricane season. And after two mild seasons we are due.

  12. CDizzle commented on May 28

    in the spirit of fark….


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