Mapping The Blogosphere

How cool is this depiction of link analysis ?  Yes, I know its circa 2006 — but its still pretty neat.



Welcome To The Blogosphere
Discovery Magazine, May 2007:

Data Mining: Mapping The Blogosphere

Interactive Map of the Blogosphere

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  1. AndrĂ¡s commented on May 20

    Wonderful pictures ! Andreas

  2. John Borchers commented on May 20

    Sounds like it’s time for a Blog IPO.

  3. fatbear commented on May 20

    Hey, isn’t that bottom one the spread of oil speculators?!?!

    Stunning visual, whatever it means.

  4. upsidetrader commented on May 20

    i’m the little blue one, 4000th from the right

  5. daveNYC commented on May 21

    The MOMA has (or had, it might be over) an interesting exhibit that has a number of real time video displays of data traffic and the like.

  6. me commented on May 21

    Looks like the chart on the L Word.

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