Tea and Subprime Sympathy Click

Eddie Elfenbein emails me:

Admit it. That bid is yours.

My answer:

I want him to autograph GREENSPAN’S BUBBLES for me.

The site says up to 4 people: Let’s see, Me, Fleck, Kass, and maybe Jim Grant.

Think he’ll show . . . ?


Click to Bid for lunch with Greenspan (Current bid:  $16,000)

Includes: tea with Alan Greenspan and Andrea Mitchell at The Four Seasons in Washington, D.C. Valid for one year, up to 4 people, based on mutually convenient time.

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  1. Uncle Jeffy commented on May 5

    Will he show? To ask that question is to answer it…

  2. ECONOMISTA NON GRATA commented on May 5

    I bid $300,000.00.

    Not to have tea with AG and AM at the Four Seasons.

    Best regards,


  3. Eric Davis commented on May 5

    who gets the subprime sympathy…. me, alan or andrea. Someone should buy it, and set him up for lunch with somone in forclosure.

  4. Unsympathetic commented on May 5

    I did my small part yesterday to protest. At the local Borders, I put Fleck’s book in front of the large Greenspan display within the finance section.

  5. michael schumacher commented on May 5

    Eric Davis

    Best idea yet…….

    but as usual if word of that ever got out there would “scheduling difficulties”

    or may be he could autograph the “Stocks and Commodities Man of the Year” cover from 2006……

    it’s currently playing the role of a dart board at this point.


  6. michael schumacher commented on May 5


    It wasn’t in the science fiction section???
    should be.


  7. Susan commented on May 5

    “Estimated value $50,000”?????

    Talk about a bubble.

  8. David Merkel commented on May 5

    If one of the four of you can’t make it, give me a call. I’m in the neighborhood, and I’ll ask him to autograph a copy of his essay on gold from the ’60s.

  9. Al Czervic commented on May 5

    It would have to be some damn good tea (and he wouldn’t be allowed to talk).

  10. ottnott commented on May 5

    I’ll bid $1.4 million, but I can’t put any money down and I only want to pay $1200/month and only for as long as I feel like paying.

  11. AGG commented on May 5


  12. RobT commented on May 5

    A friend of mine late last summer was working in the treasury department of a large bank working in investments. His boss bought the entire team copies of Greesnspan’s book. After receiving this information on a Friday, I shorted the company’s stock on Monday and did well.

  13. Donaldo commented on May 5

    Can I get a no-doc loan to bid on this? :)

  14. Tanta commented on May 5

    Listen, Barry–I live in the DC area. If you win, I volunteer to go as your date if one of your first choices can’t make it. (Tell Mrs. BP she has nothing to worry about except the possibility that I get you photographed being thrown out of the Four Seasons.)

  15. Eric Davis commented on May 5

    Sigh, I’ve always had dreams about being thrown out of the 4 seasons….

  16. Asshat commented on May 5

    Is this the “Huge Project” you have been working on?

  17. Unsympathetic commented on May 5

    Tanta, I’d like a photo of you getting Greenspan’s autograph on a copy of his ph.d. thesis on housing prices. Oh, the jokes we’d make!

  18. Marcus Aurelius commented on May 5

    Shortly before Mitchell and Greenspan tied the knot, I was having lunch with a client at DC’s Union Station (at that time, recently renovated and upscale – not so much now), when The Maitre’D seated Mitchell and another lady at the table next to ours (very tight seating). We both caught snippets of the conversation at their table. Bland, boring, and pedestrian. No scoop. I wouldn’t pay for the same (although I hope the charity gets big bucks).

  19. Eric Davis commented on May 5

    That would be funny, Walk in and make him do a Thesis defence.

    Maybe ask him why the Reserve can’t manage either maximum employment, or price stability.

  20. Francois commented on May 5

    “Tanta, I’d like a photo of you getting Greenspan’s autograph on a copy of his ph.d. thesis on housing prices. Oh, the jokes we’d make!”


    This’d be the blog-scoop of the decade!

  21. ottnott commented on May 5

    Tanta and Greenspan at the same table?

    He’d get a fatal dose of reality exposure.

  22. dug commented on May 5

    Beyond the book signing amusements I think you should pay with Zimbabwe dollars.

    If he dies before fulfilling the lunch obligation do you recover the winning bid amount from the estate? Otherwise death may be an easy out for him.

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