Federal Reserve Coverage at WSJ, WaPo

If you missed last night’s discussion of Greg Ip, the WSJ reporter who covers the Federal Reserve, be sure to catch it — there are lots of interesting issues circulating how the Fed communicates with the Street.

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  1. stuart commented on Jun 18

    To understand the Fed, one needs to understand who owns the Fed and their motives. Largest shareholder is JPM.

  2. AGG commented on Jun 18

    The Fed communicating with Wall Street. What a novel thought. I always thought it was the other way around. Tell me, good people, how often do you think about the process of communicating with your right arm? And as far as your right arm is concerned, unless it’s in pain, it doesn’t communicate much to you except to signal (proprioception) that it’s ready to take orders. Now doesn’t that sound a little like the Fed?
    For those of you who get hung up on the word conspiracy, I say give it a rest. In human affairs, conspiracy is the norm and face value the exception. To think otherwise is to be a fool. Unless, of course, you benefit by convincing others that your chicanery doesn’t exist.
    All the media propaganda in the world won’t convince any sensible person that the wealthy don’t plot to pillage the rest of us and pay to have lackeys lie in print about the nature and frequency of elite conspiracies.

  3. michael schumacher commented on Jun 18


    That documentary is the next to be delivered to me (will be traveling next 5 days though). I rented it strictly for the Fed piece….let you know if it’s worth it or not.

    BTW that huge H&S (Iday 1 min chart) on LEH is screaming sell today…..

    Manipulation notwithstanding……LOL


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