Financial Sector: Beware LEH, CIT (REPOST)

Note, this is a repost — the original (with comments) is the next post (Financial Sector: Beware LEH, CIT ┬╗) but or some reason typepad isn’t being very cooperative today. (you can see it by clicking Short Selling)

Every day, we run a series of screens, large and midcap, buys & sells, breakouts and breakdowns.

Today, our Large Cap Sell Screen identified Lehman Brothers (LEH) as a Sell. It has a current master score of 33 (out of 100) and has an abysmal technical score of 17. It went to a sell signal back in March around $52, and two weeks later, traded as low as $20.25. It recovered somewhat, flipping to neutral around $44. 

Its now back on a sell signal, with a $20 price target. (See chart below)

The MidCap Sell Screen found a smaller financial: CIT Group (CIT). It also went on a Sell signal. Same set up as Lehman Brothers: First sell signal was in March about $16, fell to $6.45 a few weeks later, back to a neutral a month later.  Now, CIT is back on a Sell/Short rating, with a possible target about 30% lower.

Lehman Brothers (LEH) Six month daily

CIT Group (CIT) Six month daily

NOTE: Traders who short stocks should always work with stop losses. The
financial sector, with outside investors, have been very volatile, with
squeezes occurring regularly.

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