Fun With PhotoShop: Financial Experts Reassure Nervous Investors

via Mish, comes this Frickin’ hysterical photo:


The living dead courtesy of Mish

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  1. MM commented on Jun 27

    How can people do that to Maria?

  2. Joe Klein’s conscience commented on Jun 27

    How can people do that to Maria?

    Because she isn’t that bright. She won’t be getting any scoops from “B-52” Ben anytime soon. Besides, she is one of the worst cheerleaders(Okay, Dennis Kneale is the absolute worst). Do they give the TV hosts on CNBC uppers before they go on every day?

  3. MM commented on Jun 27

    Joe, in CNBC, perhaps Ron is your man.

  4. Steve Barry commented on Jun 27

    How dumb is Maria?…watch her score zero on Celebrity Jeopardy vs. Anderson Cooper. It is very funny if you have 10 minutes to watch…look for her famous answer of “computer worm”.

  5. Mark E Hoffer commented on Jun 27


    this picture is quite telling–the Vampires are, truly, out.

    it may useful to cover/ “open thread” the variety of Investment decisions one can take to protect the value of one’s Assets from being sucked dry..

    i.e. most 401(k)(long-biased) holders have no knowledge of how to hedge that position..

  6. bluestatedon commented on Jun 27

    something else via Mish (or one of his commenters):

    LAKE FOREST, Ill. (AP) — Boatmaker Brunswick Corp. said Thursday it will cut at least 1,000 more jobs and close four plants as it tries to ride out an economic downturn that’s decimated sales for its recreational products. … the company said it may slash up to an additional 1,700 employees as further cost-cutting initiatives are completed.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg for non-essential recreational spending, especially for the stuff that’s so directly tied to fuel consumption. And the independent boat dealers and marinas are also taking a beating, not to mention the ad agencies with Brunswick and other recreational accounts such as snowmobiles, jetskis, waverunners, etc. And in turn it filters down to printers getting less work printing brochures and catalogs. It’s the downside of trickle-down economics.

  7. ben commented on Jun 27

    Man, thats funny.

  8. UrbanDigs commented on Jun 27

    Thats great..would love to see Santelli, Liesman, Erin & maybe Dennis for the next one!

  9. Bob A commented on Jun 27

    Oh My Gosh!

    The Three Wolves aaaaand The Wicked Witch have EATEN GOLDILOCKS! Where is she???

  10. cheese commented on Jun 27

    Newsflashr is fun!

  11. Mike in Nola commented on Jun 27

    Speaking of scary people. CNBC calls him Dr. Doom today. I always thought he could do a great Bela Lugosi:

    Marc Faber

  12. Mike in Nola commented on Jun 27

    BTW, I think he’s on the money with his predictions for commodities. Those pushing the Asian justification for high oil have evidently not been watching the Shanghai market.

  13. Eric commented on Jun 27

    Sorry if mentioned before, but some here may recall that Maria B. managed to mark almost the exact bottom of the market in 2002 when she looked at the ticker aghast and said, “Gee, maybe it is time to start shorting stocks.” The paychecks she brings home are a monument to the sillier aspects of American culture.

  14. John commented on Jun 27

    This post is spot on. Would’ve been nice to see Kudlow added to the list (who at this moment looks like he could use a Valium) and the Chronic Ass-O-Holic Don Luskin…

  15. Andy Tabbo commented on Jun 27

    I think the Ben. B. picture is great. What’s funny about it is that the guy really does look tired sometimes. Back in Jan/Feb, when he was giving testimony, that guy looked like a beat dog.

    It looked like he had been doing multiple all nighters facing insurmountable problems. His appearance on TV left me uncomfortable. You just knew there was more shit coming based on his look alone.

    – AT

  16. John Borchers commented on Jun 27

    I’m beginning to think the stock market is not a leading indicator but a lagging indicator along with other things that show up in the news and on blogs.

    Many knew profits for 2Q would not beat 1Q and they would be worse. It’s common sense. So how come the market went up so much?

    Because it was looking backwards at late earnings from 4Q for a few companies and 1Q earnings turned out they didn’t sour as quickly as everyone thought.

    Now coming into 2Q earnings, people are surprised that outlooks aren’t so good?


    And why do people think listening to some conference call gives you some inside edge? For Christ sakes management can’t predict the future better than anyone else.

    I’ll continue buying F, LOW as people dump them and I also got an eye on AAPL but I want it below $120 if she’ll get there.

  17. John commented on Jun 27

    Where’s Goldilocks Kudlow or should that be Kidlow. I actually consider him worse than Cramer who is basically a comedian. Kudlow pretends to be real when in fact he’s the ultimate Republican shill. I’m bound to say that Bush did have a stroke of luck having Paulson in place during this period of “turbulence” did I get that right Alan. Imagine if Snow had still been in place. Paulson whether you agree with what he’s doing or not is a very impressive guy. Why he ever signed on with the Bush crowd is a bit of a mystery since I doubt he subscribes to many of their core beliefs but I do believe we’re lucky to have a top notch Wall Street professional at the Treasury in the cirmcumstances.

  18. Tom F. commented on Jun 27

    That one of Cramer takes the cake hands down. A friggin’ vampire – just what he is in real life.

  19. BG commented on Jun 27

    The thing that amazes me about Drill-Drill-Drill/Strong Dollar Kudlow…isn’t he the same guy that was pounding the table for “Shock ‘n Awe” in large rate cuts last Fall?

    Boy, I tell you…I think the guy has really been wound up pretty tight the last two days. They are all like rats captured in a box. They are just running around impulsively saying most anything that will deflect the criticism toward the Dems.

    Looking for a scape goat is the main objective right now. The rats are all running for cover.

    Poor old Obama (not even in Office yet) and a 2-yr Democratic majority in Congress are responsible for all of this mess that has happened in the last 8 years. You know anybody that doesn’t recognize how desperate the Republican are now is a total imbecile.

    This really looks bad since Bush never bother to even mimic any kind of national energy policy. You know…that is truly unbelieveable if you think about it. No energy policy what-so-ever. And even the national fleet mileage standards that he initially put out last year were increased only by miniscule amounts. Thankfully those damned old Democrats blocked his attempt and got the standards raised to where they weren’t so obviously pathetic.

    In short, the Pubs HAVE been in the white house for the last 8 years and did have a control in Congress for 6 of those 8 years. So, look in the freaking mirror folks and quit taking us all for a bunch of idiots out here. We’ve all been watching and you guys have screwed up issue after issue after issue. The list is fairly long and each item is a BIG item. The way things are now, just forget the small stuff.

  20. stuart commented on Jun 27

    Maybe just me, but I don’t see much of a change re: Paulson and Bernanke.

  21. rational commented on Jun 28

    I’ve no problem with Cramer, Maria etc spouting their nonsense on TV. These are entertainers supported by ad dollars. If someone invests their hard earned money based on their advice, that is their stupidity.

    Bernanke, however, is supported by tax dollars and should be looking after the public’s interests. Instead, he is focused on supporting banks with low interest rates even as his loose monetary policy and low interest rates contributed to inflation. He is no better than Greenspan because he is continuing Greenspan’s policies. Bernanke, like Greenspan, is punishing savers and responsible investors and rewarding reckless speculators (stock and real estate markets).

  22. cinefoz commented on Jun 28

    I used to work for a consulting firm a long time ago. These people remind me a lot of my former coworkers there. I’m not kidding. It was a horrible place to work.

  23. John commented on Jun 28

    It’s unfair beating up Bernanke, he’s just trying to clean up the largely Greenspan induced monetary mess and the failures on the part of the Bush administration (budget/current account deficits, public spending profligacy, inaction on structural issues like energy conservation, lax regulatory regime, dollar management, etc etc). It just so happens all the bills have come due at the same time. And please don’t say he was complicit because he was already occupying a part time fed position. The guy who calls the shots at the fed is the chairman not his “advisors.” Ben has thrown moral hazard under a bus and although it kills me to say it he didn’t have much option. He’s cut rates too aggressively and I suspect he was under a lot of political pressure to do so as Republicans are desperate to avoid having the recession technically start on Bush’s watch. Basically, he’s prevented a total meltdown of the system so far although the markets got further to fall. Basically he needs to start cranking rates back up which would do wonders for the dollar and accept we’re going to see a couple of years of recession.

  24. cinefoz commented on Jun 28

    On the other hand, although these people are much better dressed, they also remind me a lot of IT workers and IT consultants, circa Y2K.

    The ones I was referring to above were more management types, and they were among the most dreadful people you could ever meet, short of an armed street gang or the like. Mean, stupid, greedy, manipulative, lazy, controlling, and a little charismatic … much like a real life Dilbert cartoon. Or probably Wall Street today. Only these people were the dregs that ended up in consulting because nobody else would have them.

  25. cinefoz commented on Jun 28

    PS … I really meant it when I said I wasn’t kidding. I’m rather surprised that this picture would stand out as something unusual enough to share in a blog like this. You must associate with an upper crust on a regular basis, or be more naive, trusting, and cloistered than you suspect. No wonder you still think oil prices at this level are supply and demand driven.

  26. Tom F. commented on Jun 28

    It is absolutely fair to beat up on Bernanke. He’s either a Wall Street crook like Greenspan or he was too stupid to understand what a minefield he was stepping into. Either way he never should have been appointed. He had plenty of time to try to start fixing things before they blew up in his face.

  27. drey commented on Jun 28

    Wouldn’t go so far as to say Bernanke’s a crook, but he is feckless – takes the path of least resistance every time. What we need is a stud like Volcker to step in and give us our bad tasting medicine (higher rates and no friggin’ bailouts) like the little children we are no matter how much we scream – were that to happen the dollar’s free fall would be stopped and the market could put in a meaningful bottom.

    The economy will be in the toilet for awhile regardless. You can kill me fast or kill me slow…

  28. BelowTheCrowd commented on Jun 28

    Ha. A perfect pictorial description of my feelings about TV, which I just commented on the other day.

    In deference to Barry, I will refrain from using my preferred language for describing these buffoons, but the fact is that they’re all entertainers and should be viewed as such. None of them are reliable, none of them have a clue, and all of them lie to cover up their previous errors. Just look at the latest Cramer video on Youtube for proof.


  29. MrB commented on Jun 28

    No kidding…someone needs to photoshop a circle jerk with
    Kudlow,Neale,Luskin, with Maria in the middle…the positive continual spin is becoming beyond the pale. If only someone would play a clip of the comments they were making last month,and have them respond.

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