Post # 6,000

Yes, that is correct — this meaningless meta-data point is post number 6,000

Here is what the specifics look like before this one:

•  5,999 Posts
•  2,066 TrackBacks

On a related note, the new site design is all done — its pretty slick — and the programmers are working on importing every last post and comment.

I had a few goals with the redesign:

1) Have the site load much faster: We did that by cleaning up all the loose junk on the front page that had accumulated using tabs, moving to my own domain, and moving all of the audio/video to a tab so as not to slow down the front page. 

2) Clean up the design: I like the current design, but its been a few years and I wanted something fresh. We came up with something neat — with a little animation — and a simple navigation system.

3) Create additional space for related material: Essentially, all of the various stuff I do is spread out all over the place. The new design allows me to tie everything together, in one place.


I expect after the Fourth of July weekend, we should be good to go. I’ll maintain both sites, forwarding everything from here to there . . .


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  1. a guy called john commented on Jun 23

    wow. this’ll be the third BP design i’ve seen. time flies.

    thanks to you for the 6,000 posts and to all the readers for the 89,000+ (!) comments. both make up some of the best content on the web.

  2. SRQ commented on Jun 23

    I look forward to the new design.

    I’ve been through this from your side before and I can guarantee you that no matter how good it is there will be some vocal critics. Don’t worry, they will get used to it.

  3. Joe Klein’s conscience commented on Jun 23

    You do a great job. I am sure 99.9% of your readers would say the same. As for the site redesign, I look forward to it. For any WATB’s that don’t like the redesign, they’ll get over it. Even the oldest houses need a new coat of paint and some small improvements now and then.

  4. Noah commented on Jun 23

    good luck with it Barry! As long as the content is maintained, this site will always be a must read!

    Thanks for all the opinions and hard work!

  5. Bob A commented on Jun 23

    I can’t help but comment on the new banner ad at the top of the page.

    If all banner ads were as nice to look at as this one…… banner ads would work a lot better.

    I don’t care what you’re selling advertisers. Put up a picture of a bare-backed woman looking out at the ocean and I’ll click on it.

  6. Eric commented on Jun 23

    The content already makes the site a must-read. It’ll be interesting to see the design changes.

  7. siv commented on Jun 23

    Sounds cool !

    So the “all embedded videos playing simultaneously as soon as the page loads” problem is history?

    Thanks for the excellent info and opinion.

  8. mhm commented on Jun 23

    Bob, nice ad with sound and all… but the leaning off-center scared dog as the company logo is a bit weird, no? (or maybe I’m reading too much into the Rorschach inkblot :)

  9. KirkH commented on Jun 24

    Congrats Barry, how you find the time is beyond my ability to comprehend (I blog too) but I’m pretty sure I’ve learned more from this blog than during my time in college.

    I’m hoping some day all of the top finance/econ bloggers move to NYC and start up a video network for the benefit of humanity.

    Who needs regulation when you’re bombarded with voices of reason?

  10. Adam Schierholz commented on Jun 24

    Hi Barry,

    I thoroughly enjoy your site and think it is a tremendous service. Food for thought on the redesign if it’s not too late. Often times while on business travel I check your site via my Blackberry. On the Blackberry only your center panel loads (which is good) but it does so on a 2/3’s dark blue background. The black (and at times blue) lettering on the dark blue background is very difficult to read. This is my only angst with an otherwise stupendous site. Check it out sometime and if there’s any way to change this in the redesign it’d be much appreciated. Please keep up the great work. Thanks again.

  11. who knew commented on Jun 24

    hope you are retaining your ‘alter ego’s musings’ at ‘essays & effluvia’ !!

    many thanks for all that you do.

  12. Arthur commented on Jun 24

    Bring on the new, Barry, I’m sure it will be great.

    I think this moment in internet/blog (I dare say journalism) history is pretty damn cool (thanks in no small part to TBP); here’s hoping it lasts and grows. (‘course the dramatic backdrop of crisis and decline adds gravity.)

    Since becoming a regular visitor to your site and others I’ve come to appreciate just how lazy and shallow plenty of mainstream business/economics writing really is. You’ve raised the bar, Barry; good for you.


  13. aaron wall commented on Jun 25

    If you are changing to your own domain name you may lose much of your search traffic and momentum, though you will quickly build a lot of it with your large following.

    Also you may want to consider putting The Big Picture at the end of the page titles so the most relevant keywords are earlier in the page title. This will help the pages rank better in Google AND make people more likely to click on them since they see the relevant words earlier in the link. People scan search results in only a few seconds, so having the keywords early makes your listing more likely to get clicked on.

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