Fun with Graphic Design

We work with a very talented graphic designer — Remo over at Synergy — he not only did the Fusion Website, they have done many of the websites of top hedge funds in the country.  And, they also did the forthcoming redesign of The Big Picture.

Its important to keep these clever gnome busy, cause whenever he has down time, he ends up doing stuff like this:


Here is some more of his recent work (these are all guys I work with in the office)

Pete, our head trader (note the blocks):


My Partner Kevin, during his "let’s-do-something-crazy-midlife" crisis:


Petey, all growed up:


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  1. mdcphilly commented on Jul 23

    I guess your traffic will spike now.

  2. Matthew Rafat commented on Jul 23

    But isn’t Barry the one who’s king of the castle?

  3. Matthew Rafat commented on Jul 23

    Oops, meant king *in* the castle…last pic comes from “Kazakhstan” (courtesy of Borat). Your IT guy has a wicked sense of humor.

  4. VennData commented on Jul 23

    Can he do Bernanke, Paulson, and Cox as Moe Curly and Larry?

  5. Kevin Kraft commented on Jul 23

    I liked “Baby Barry”, but that guy has too much damn time on his hands.

  6. CNBC Sucks commented on Jul 23

    I get a lot of Web searches looking for photos of CNBC women in bikinis so is there a way Remo can PhotoShop that photo further with the faces of Becky Quick and Michelle-Caruso Cabrera? Oh, never mind.

  7. Mich(^IXIC1881) commented on Jul 23

    I like the FusionIQ ad, you guys should use it (except replace “…” with “?” in the first sentence)

  8. nevket240 commented on Jul 23

    He is just showing it as it really is!!!!
    Now, if only he could do one of Ben & Hank as serpents with forked tongues?????


  9. johnnyvee commented on Jul 23

    I think I just threw up in my mouth.

  10. Unscripted Thoughts commented on Jul 24

    Dammit BR! You could warn a guy…I just coughed up a kidney from laughing so hard!

  11. Joshua commented on Jul 24

    I printed Barry’s pic off and showed it to an elderly Jewish lady. Her response? What one might have expected: “Such a shayne punim!”

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