House Prices: New York City

As long as today seems to be so housing focused, lets check out this nice mashup, via Trulia and Google Maps:


Via The Daily Chart

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  1. Noah commented on Jul 28

    ooooh, look at the pretty colors.

    No seriously, save this image and lets revisit in exactly 12 months!

  2. liz tool commented on Jul 28

    Hysterical! How much is a cardboard box???

  3. randy commented on Jul 28

    a cardboard box can be had for prices starting somewhere around $1000. if you want to live in one of those spacious refrigerator cardboard boxes, that’ll run you more. around $5000!!!

  4. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater commented on Jul 28

    Methinks an animated GIF with values taken every month or so would be very pymp. Too bad I’m lazy!

  5. Steve Barry commented on Jul 28

    I think I read somewhere that they are building homes from empty shipping containers now. Good use for them, because it costs to much to send them back to China empty.

  6. gorobei commented on Jul 28

    Data seems buggy: they have Tribeca selling at an everage of $18K/sq ft!

    Also, the breakdown is too coarse (as seen by adjacent zones swinging wildly in price.) E.g. UWS from 70th to 110th holds a huge range of property types and price points.

  7. Andrew Stanton commented on Jul 28

    Looks more like New York County than New York City; there is more to NYC than Manhattan.

  8. metacritic commented on Jul 28

    Phenomenal map. I really do hope it gets updated monthly as this would be an invaluable resource. Thus far Manhattan seems resistant to the downturn. Let’s see if it remains that way.

  9. Wade Black commented on Jul 28

    what about Brooklyn?????

  10. new world order commented on Jul 28

    “It’s alright!! It’s alright!!”

    The colors are contained to Manhattan.

  11. krutie commented on Jul 28

    Check out the actual site, you can break it down by zip code. Can’t find my neighborhood tho, I’m in Brookyln. Would be nice if they included the other 4/5’s of NYC

  12. jagorev commented on Jul 29

    I hate it when people confuse ‘New York City’ with ‘Manhattan’. Gah.

  13. fxdudeinmia commented on Jul 29

    Will the Manhattan real estate bubble ever burst? What say you, BR?

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