Media Appearance: Countdown to the Closing Bell, with Liz Claman

A quick note before I hop out the door — I will be on Liz Claman’s show from 3:00 to 4:00pm today on Fox Business, discussing the economy, the credit crisis, oil and housing.

Liz was always one of my favorite people at CNBC, and it will be nice to see her again. 

This is a short clip — its a bit out of context, and comes after the middle of a discussion why the banks and brokers are going to take years to recover.




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  1. Dan R. commented on Jul 10

    Hey Barry, saw you on there live.

    What do you think of the Fox Business studios vs. CNBC?

    Both are doing a nice job utilizing the extra space on the high definition broadcasts. Liz looked incredible today – I’m sure you enjoyed being there….

  2. Groty commented on Jul 10

    Lix would be sexy in a buttoned up parka, but Fox is capitalizing on the Clayman cleavage with the low cut number she was wearing.

    The few seconds I saw your eyes during that clip, not once did I see you sneak a peak.

    That’s discipline.

  3. sk commented on Jul 10

    O no ! The filthy lucre ( of publicity ) turned off your sensitivities enough to go on Fox ? And the pressure of being in the presence of Liz Claman must have just piled it on!

    Decision, decisions, morality v sex and money. What to do ?



    P.S. I am no water carrier for CNBC nor Bloomberg so no worries. I will NOT be cancelling my subscription ( cf Private Eye).

  4. lunatic_fringe commented on Jul 10

    Sounds like you’ve been been sipping your buddy Gasbag’s koolaid. Do you really thing the king of the option ARM has a legit chance of surviving? Before you answer, just think about all those Cali loans these guys made and still retain…

  5. Richard commented on Jul 11

    liz, I’d watch c-span 24/7 if she was on it.

  6. big bucks commented on Jul 11

    Barry, saw you, you were GREAT and Fox Business has won me over. La Liz looks better than she’s ever, smart too. Who needs CNBC (‘xept when you’re on Kudlow of course).

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