Video: Nouriel Roubini (3 Parts)

Good set of interviews with NYU Professor Nouriel Roubini

Bear Market Only Half Over, But It’s Not Armageddon

More Than $1 Trillion Needed to Solve Housing Crisis

‘They’re All Toast’: Roubini Says Brokers, Even Goldman, Can’t Stay Independent 


Video Interview on Tech Ticker: Roubini: "Bear Market Only Half Over, But It’s Not Armageddon"
Nouriel Roubini | Jul 22, 2008

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  1. Jmay commented on Jul 23

    Man. It’s so wild that Roubini is treated with so much more respect now. He really was seen as a crackpot not 18 months ago. People openly scoffed at him, and now they’re hanging on his every word.

  2. simon commented on Jul 23

    He’s so smart. He’s my hero. I’m going to chuck my che’ T-shirt and get one of him. I’m not gay actually…but I am going to reload my shorts…lol.

  3. Aaron commented on Jul 23

    I’d hate to see his definition of Armaegeddon. It would probably make me go back into the bunker.

  4. michange commented on Jul 23

    Thanks, Barry…

  5. JustinTheSkeptic commented on Jul 23

    Simon, I have an idea for your t-shirt: “Robini The Meani.” lol

  6. Tony commented on Jul 23

    Smart guy.

    I’m from the Midwest… does ANYbody at NYU button their shirt all the way?

  7. HCF commented on Jul 23

    Barry –

    Great clips! CNBC so often has “all bull” panels on their shows. I always wish that they would have just ONE show where the panelists are Nouriel Roubini, Marc Faber, Michael Panzner, Doug Kass, and Gary Shilling. They could even market it as “The Five Horses of the Apocalypse.” THAT would be a must see =)


  8. ECONOMISTA NON GRATA commented on Jul 23

    Nouriel Roubini stated not too long ago (I can not site this because I didn’t save it) that, he had underestimated the severity of the credit crisis. His tone, in these clips, indicated to me, that his message is one of strategic moderation. In other words, he is knowingly and intentionally moderate in the characterization of his expectations.

    There’s an old saying in the Backgammon circles of wisdom, “You only need to win by one pip”. Read between the lines and you can see this. “I don’t need to be right, however, I do need to be the most right.”

    Best regards,


  9. sven commented on Jul 23

    some of the best, most reasonable reporting i’ve seen. thanks!

  10. Popo commented on Jul 23

    Roubini is only half-right. From an economic perspective he is correct: The banks cannot survive in their current form. But from a political/power perspective, he is completely wrong. Roubini makes the mistake of believing that the environment of laws, regulation, taxes and governance is fixed and unchangeable. Unfortunately, there are powerful and well-established connections between the banking industry and our government — which means that the headwinds facing the financial industry will be mitigated to an extent that will allow banks to survive, if not prosper.

  11. alec commented on Jul 23


    true, but that assumes that all of the policies of regulators actually help the situation..

    john loeffler from financial sense quoted someone a while back saying “the chief source of problems is solutions”

    it’s a bit tongue-in-cheek, but didn’t some of the policies taken during the great depression only make matters worse?

  12. alec commented on Jul 23

    scratch that…re-direct to Popo

  13. Andy Tabbo commented on Jul 23

    This guy has the personality of a warm cup of piss….at least thats how he comes across on television. But, he has been so spot on predicting this mess, I don’t know how you can ignore him.

    – AT

  14. prismatic commented on Jul 23

    “jingle mail” ? Perhaps this is where firm legislation is very badly needed. That people can walk away from debt is inherently distabilizing and dangerous to any economy – especially when in a downward trend! And why would you allow people who have made bad choices walk away from their commitment ? That, I think, we have already seen is leading to the tax payer footing the bill, and is that what you all want ?

    BR – Im a fan of yours!

  15. ssm commented on Jul 24

    Nationalize everything! That is the answer I hear coming from Roubini.

    We’re in for a long, painful correction if all these bailouts occur.

    “public insurance”, “lender of last resort”, “regulation”, “more regulation”, blah, blah …

    The way you make people with money behave is to be sure that they lose it when they do stupid stuff. You don’t make anything better by stopping this pain.

    Fannie and Freddie need to be carved into bits and privatized. The ‘Investment Banks’ need to be allowed to die and go away and dumb ass depositors need to lose their money if they deposit it in the hands of stupid people. The Fed needs to be eliminated, or at least put on a tight leash and told to keep the intrinsic value of the dollar stable and do nothing else. Homeowners that get in over their heads need to lose their house and move into an appartment. Banks that lent them the money need to learn how to avoid such dumb lending – and government needs to keep the hell out of that decision process!

    Socialism does not work. We will *all* suffer dearly if we don’t get this simple message that history, and in particular 20th century history, is screaming at us.

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