What Does the Future Hold for Housing?

Too funny:

“In the future they’ll only foreclose on one section of your house at a time!”
— Posted by Robt Stupple


via NYT Laugh Lines

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  1. Rob Dawg commented on Jul 22

    Poetic justice: Repossessing only half of the implants paid for with a HELOC.

  2. sanderson commented on Jul 22

    That quote actually could be possible to a somewhat abstract degree- has anyone seen these relatively new equity advance products like the REX Agreement? Allows a company to place PUT option on your home in exchange for that advance equity. You might have already tapped out your equity through conventional means and you could do this. Yikes!

  3. Jeff commented on Jul 22

    All is looking great, just swimmingly at WAMU – only expecting $19 Billion in Mortgage related losses. Look at the bright side WAMU shareholders:

    Killinger, CFO Tom Casey and COO Stephen Rotella will not be receiving a bonus under the 2008 Leadership Bonus Plan, the bank said. Time to buy, buy BUY WAMU. Um, I don’t think so.

  4. Maldoror commented on Jul 22

    Whatever happened to the future where robots and computers did all the labor, and humans could just lie back and relax in their pod-like houses while androids fed us grapes?

  5. Douglas Watts commented on Jul 22

    I am assuming the site redesign was done inside that house.

    We all get personal jet packs !!!

  6. jeff commented on Jul 23

    Why is James Cramer on MSNBC Morning Joe saying housing is coming back in 6 months?????????????

    CEO of Citibank says no not for two years?

  7. tom B commented on Jul 23

    From “foreclosure” to “floorclosure”, I guess..

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