CNBC: Shadow Fed/Economists Fishing Trip

Squawk Box will run a 4 part series on Grand Lake Stream trip this week. 4 Packages which Steve Liesman will wrap around, beginning at 7:15am, and then repeating throughout the week.  (I believe the full package will run sometime on Labor Day weekend)

The 1st installment of the Kansas City Shadow Fed/Maine Leen’s Lodge fishing trip will air Tuesday at about 7:15 am EST.

I had a long sit down with Steve  for part 2 and 3 — unshaven, unshowered, reeking of fish —  be happy its not broadcast in smell-o-vision.

It will be interesting to see what gets cut and what stays in  but you never know what ends up on the cutting room floor.

Tuesday – Friday

Part1: The forecast/results of the survey and an overall review of the trip

Part 2: fishing for answers to the credit crisis Part 1

Part 3: fishing for answers to the credit crisis Part 2

Part 4: The future of the banking system

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  1. JustinTheSkeptic commented on Aug 26

    I hope your fish-finder can reach the depths of the ocean floor. Oh! and what monster is lurking in that deep blue yonder?

    BR, the problem is that the system that could fix things has been high-jacked by the Financial Elites i.e IMF, World Bank, The Fed, Barclays, et. al…

  2. JustinTheSkeptic commented on Aug 26

    Wow! they cut everything out…made it sound like the seas are calm, just a couple of minnows swimming below.

    How much of the opinions there in Maine were corralled by the forces of group-think?

  3. johnnyvee commented on Aug 26

    No answers came from the weekend. It can be summed up in one word: Uneventful.

  4. RK commented on Aug 26

    Your post is unclear re: who was reeking of fish. Hopefully, it was not just Liesman. Did your 18′ smallmouth pay you a return visit?

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