Google Maps StreetView House on Fire

Here’s an odd photo a friend forwarded — its a Google map streetview of a home in Arkansas — on Fire.


Go to Google Maps, and search for "Eagle Point Drive, Ark" then head south on Eagle Point Drive. (You can even see the fire trucks on Butterfly Dr).



Update: August 11, 2008 3:43 pm

An emailer tells us that Neatorama first posted this, so hat tip to them!

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  1. Bob commented on Aug 11

    It looks like the original picture has been removed from ggogle.

    this one is still present.

  2. york commented on Aug 11

    zillow puts the home value at $200,500….not so much anymore

  3. AC commented on Aug 11

    HA! Probably a home about to get foreclosed on…

    Ya think?

  4. mephisto commented on Aug 11

    I have to agree that is really strange…you can follow the firehose to the hydrant at the end of the block.

  5. hawg commented on Aug 11

    I grew up in that neighborhood. If it’s not outright insurance fraud it’s probably collateral damage from bottle rocket wars. Lots of delinquent vandalists in Sherwood.

  6. David Damore commented on Aug 11

    The map in your post was clickable.

    Did you see how far they had to got to hook up to a hydrant. Looks like 300’+.

  7. VennData commented on Aug 11

    Check out the Lahaina Beach House in the iPod map One of the best bars in the world and a PB landmark, you can see the people out there on the deck overlooking the Pacific, drinking.

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