U.S. Poised for Weak End to Year

So much for the decoupling:

U.S. Poised for Weak End to Year
Consumer Caution and Global Slowdown Confound Forecasts
WSJ, August 11, 2008   

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  1. Jim Hancock commented on Aug 11

    No offense, but why do I need a news model to tell me what I already knew 6 months ago?

  2. Jojo commented on Aug 11

    I don’t put a lot of stock in what the WSJ predicts, as like CNBC< they just print what their Wall Street sources want them to print. Anyway, this prediction seems to conflict with the good analysis by Jim Haygood in the comments here: Faber: Global Economy in Recession

    I guess we will have to see which viewpoint prevails.

  3. Peter commented on Aug 11

    Kelly Evans is a fox! I think I’m in love.

  4. Simon commented on Aug 11

    @ Peter …me to.

    But ultimately she’d be a pain in the b***. …That’s to console myself.

  5. Len Kowitz commented on Aug 11

    When Kelly thinks the World is coming to an end, I’d say, “Sounds like we might be at the bottom.”

  6. JustinTheSkeptic commented on Aug 11

    She forgot to mention that there is no U.S. consumer even if gasoline prices drop, because they will be paying off there home equity lines of credit, credit cards and saving whatever diferrential there is leftover.

  7. pointbite commented on Aug 11

    De-coupling was always dependent on China letting its currency appreciate, if they change course after the Olympics, don’t get too confident de-coupling is dead.

  8. Ken H. commented on Aug 11

    Excellent point ……pointbite. Right on Justin, what replaces the housing engine??

    Alternative energy is looking better and better. Infrastructure, War War III?

    I have to agree more and more,…. buddies of mine who 2 years ago looked at me with a “deer in the headlights” look, now are talking about it like it was it was there idea?? Go figure?

  9. brion commented on Aug 11

    has anyone else pictured that girl at her last (and so recent) sorority kegger?

    “i’m a married spud, i’m a married spud…”

  10. sizzlin commented on Aug 11

    I was in a bull market looking at Kelly’s top and bottom. She’s a market maker.

  11. KellysLover commented on Aug 12

    When Kelly thinks my heart goes boom!
    Coooola! Mama mia.

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