Bailout Linkfest . . .

Hotnot_ns_20080926 Comprehensive linkage as to where you can get the details of the tentative agreement:

• Bailout Bill: Discussion Draft.pdf


Lawmakers Reach Accord On Huge Financial Rescue (Washington Post) 

Lawmakers Say They Have Breakthrough on Rescue Plan (Bloomberg)

Summary of the Draft Proposal To Rescue U.S. Financial Markets (WSJ)

Breakthrough Reached in Negotiations on Bailout (NYT)

Three Men And a Bailout (Time)

Man in the News: Hank Paulson (FT)

Lawmakers Reach Tentative Bailout Deal (WSJ)

Making A Mint: Despite public outcry, taxpayers are likely to come out ahead (Barron’s)

The Real Costs of the Bailouts (WSJ); see also What is it Really Going to Cost? (Newsweek)

Bailout plan will help most Americans, but not as much as you might like (MarketWatch)

A Memo from Wall Street to Wash DC (Barron’s) If no Barron’s, go here

How it got this bad (Fortune)

Timeline: Three Weeks of Financial Turmoil (NYT)    

25 Harshest Reactions To the Wall Street Bailout (10 zen monkeys)

Wall Street Research:

Confidence is a Function of Capital, Not Liquidity (The Institutional Risk Analyst)

A View of the  U.S. Subprime Crisis.pdf (Citibank)

Urgent Appeal: Recapitalize Financial Institutions Rather than Bail Out Debt (Merk Funds)

An Open Letter to the U.S. Congress Regarding the Current Financial Crisis (John Hussmann)

Moral Hazard and the End Game

( Brown Brothers, Harriman and co)

Pontificatus Interruptus (Cumberland Advisors)

Why the Treasury TARP bailout is flawed (RGE)

Who’s Afraid of a Big, Bad Bailout? (John Mauldin) 

Interactive / Video:

Tentative Financial Bailout Deal Announced (WSJ)

Financial Turmoil (NYT)   

Tally of Federal Rescues (NYT via Big Picture)   

Princeton: Crisis on Wall Street

Harvard Panel Discussion: Is the Crisis Real?

Roubini: U.S. Bank Rescue Plan Is `Very Flawed’ (Bloomberg)

Bailing out the economy and ‘averting serious consequences’ (USA Today)

37 Bailout Cartoons  and Bailout Cartoons, part II (Posterous/Big Picture)

Bailout by the Numbers (Portfolio)

How Much is $700 Billion? (USA Today)

Spheres of Influence (Newsweek)

Bailout Protest Videos (True Majority)

Emergency measures (Marketwatch)

What will the Bailout buy? (NYT)

Parody: MAD on the bailout: Smells Like Greed Spirit (boingboing)

Related stories:

Futures tick higher (Bloomberg)

A nation of debtors (The Globe and Mail)

Weakness will be just tip of the iceberg (MarketWatch)  

Economy in Trouble, No Matter Bailout Outcome (Real Time Economics)

Money Markets Smolder While DC Debates (Barron’s)

Main Street turns against Wall Street (Fortune) 

How Financial Madness Overtook Wall Street (Time)

A successful bailout? Watch lending between banks (AP)

A Better Way to Aid Banks (Washington Post)

Pelosi: Bailout means ‘party is over’ on Wall Street (USA Today)   

In praise of free markets (FT)

Don’t Keep Talking Happy Talk (Newsweek)

Nouriel Roubini’s Ten Steps To Recovery (Forbes)

Do Caps on Executive Compensation Really Work? (Time)

Wall Street, R.I.P.: The End of an Era, Even at Goldman (NYT)

Gold rises on safe-haven buying after plan stalls (MarketWatch)

What the death of the investment bank means for Wall Street (Economist)

Bailing Upward:  Why Congress needs to suck it (The New Republic)

U.K. Set to Nationalize B&B (WSJ)

Wachovia Begins Early Deal Talks with Citi (Dealbook)

Wall Street Executives Made $3 Billion Before Crisis  (Bloomberg)   

Fixing the Paulson Plan (WSJ)

Maybe Short-Selling Isn’t So Bad, After All (NYT)

The "New" New Deal (The Big Picture)

America Needs A New New Deal (WSJ)

Why Mark-to-Paulson Accounting Won’t Save Banks (Bloomberg)

The Botox Bailout (blog maverick)


Short-sale ban disrupts trades for hedge funds   (MarketWatch)   

Distress in the Financial Sector and Economic Activity (FRB)

An Inside View of a Stormy White House Summit (WSJ)

Regulators Seek to Increase Confidence in Fortis  (Bloomberg) 



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