Dylan Ratigan: S&P Needs to Take Responsibilty

Holy snikes!

Dylan Ratigan goes postal on Jay Dhru, head of financial institutions ratings at Standard & Poor’s, on the recent downgrades in the financial sector.

When CNBC calls out the guys who are in part responsible for this mess, it is delicious television, and wonderful journalism.

Its a shame there aren’t more moments like this:

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Can you imagine what the producers were screaming in Ratigan’s ear during the Interview?

At one point he presses his question and then says he’ll shut up. The way Maria signed off suggests the Producers were screaming at him–then gave him a time out. Just look at his expression as they close out the interview — that’s how a 6-year-old looks when they get caught with their hand in the cookie jar! I guess only Cramer gets to go postal on the network.

The lessons here simple: Don’t rate garbage Triple A, and don’t piss off Dylan Ratigan!

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