Faber: Fed Acted Like a Liquidity Drug Dealer

Faber calls out the Fed for their responsibility in the current crisis:

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Liquidity will dry up even more, volatility will stay high and
financial assets are going to suffer as the crisis continues to unfold.
The bailout plan is unlikely to work and the global economy will take
the hit, he predicted.

“People rely on the people in Congress, at the Fed, at the Treasury,
people that brought us into this trouble, to take us out of trouble. I
don’t think they will succeed,” Faber said. “We can have recovery
rallies but a new high on the S&P is practically out of the
question for a very long time. In real terms, equities are still very
high and economically, I think the world will go into a slump.”

“Next year, if the economy in the U.S. is as weak as I think it
would be, the trade and the current account deficit will continue to
contract,” Faber said. “When global liquidity contracts, it’s not a
good time for financial assets.”

Other sources of funding, such as foreign reserves of resources-rich
countries, are also likely to dry up, Faber said. “I think sovereign
wealth funds are going to be very busy supporting their own markets,
they won’t have much money to buy assets around the world.”

The next emergency measure will be that Americans are not allowed to
buy foreign currency and transfer money overseas, and the next measure
will be not permitting Americans to buy gold and so on and so forth… It
creates even more uncertainty in the market place when you continually
change the rules.


Fed Acted Like a Liquidity Drug Dealer: Economist
CNBC.com | 23 Sep 2008 | 05:10 AM ET

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