A World of Faltering Growth

Yesterday, the Commerce Department reported that the U.S. economy shrank at a 0.3% pace in the third quarter. Although there is some question about whether government reported data reflects reality, one thing seems clear from looking at a cross-section of GDP data from other countries: economic contraction is widespread.

GDP Statistic

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Japan GDP Chained Real Annualized QoQ% SA

-3.00% (Q2)

GDP US Chained 2000 Dollars QoQ SA

-0.30% (Q3)

STCA Canada GDP All Industries Chained 2002 Prices SA MoM

-0.30% (AUG)

Germany GDP Chain Linked Pan German QoQ

-0.50% (Q2)

France GDP QoQ

-0.30% (Q2)

Italy Real GDP QoQ SA WDA

-0.30% (Q2)

UK GDP Chained GDP at Market Prices QoQ

-0.50% (Q3)

(Data source: Bloomberg)
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