Do It Yourself Linkfest

I’ve set this to launch about the same time I will be airborne over Georgia: A do-it-yourself weekend linkfest.

Here’s how this works: In the comments, mention what recent article, blog post, research piece, whatever,  caught your eye, was important, influential, or just damned entertaining. Market/investing/economic analysis is preferred, but its Sunday morn and some latitude is given to off topic tangents.

Be sure to include the Headline, URL, and source publication. A paragraph often helps.


Soon the World Will Be Under My Dominion (Daily Hellfire)

The last stages of our fiery takeover of the earths surface is but months away, as we await the day of days. Blah blah blah good vs evil dark overlord of everything unholy Angelo Mozila blah blah blah . . .

Go to it!

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