Media Appearance: Power Lunch (10/15/08)



I will be on Powerlunch from 1:15 to 2pm today, discussing the markets, bailout/rescue plan, Bernake testimony, and all things crisis related:

1. The new Bailout price tag is $2.25 Trillion Dollars

2. Ben Bernanke speech on why he took this job and WTF did he get himself into Stabilizing the Financial Markets and the Economy;

3. Paulson’s reversal regarding bank capital injections comes after a long period of underestimating the problem;

4. Regardless, we still have to deal with a nasty recession;

5. Something about the election/debate is likely to come up.

Should be fun . . .


There were 3 video segments;

The 1st segment, starts at about 3:30.

2nd segment is about markets in general starting at the 1:50.

click for video


3rd segment has a Dennis Kneale mea culpa, and our buy call.


embedded video

Airtime: Wed. Oct. 15 2008 | :50:0 08 ET

Discussing today’s market action, with Barry Ritholtz, director of equity research at Fusion IQ

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