Pithy Quotes for 2008 Bailouts?

So the never ending book is coming along. Thanks to Paulson, Bernanke, et. al., it just keeps getting longer.

One of the things I decided to do was throw a relevant quote, by a famous or infamous personage, into the beginning of each chapter. The idea was to set the tone for each chapter with some time tested wisdom or clever turn of phrase.

For example

“If they are too big to fail, make them smaller.”
-former Nixon Treasury Secretary George Shultz, said about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

I have not come up with any quotes for the rest of the class of 2008 bailouts.

Any suggestions? The best quote gets an autographed copy of Bailout Nation, and my undying gratitude.

2008 Bailouts
1.Bear Stearns
2. Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac
3. AIG
4. Detroit / GM loans
(research loan already made, plus the new bailout request)
5. Home Owners Assistance
7. Lehman Brothers (the non bailout)
8. Citigroup  ($25 + 20 + 306 billion)
9. Whoever is next
10. Whoever I forgot

Anyone have any great ideas?

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