TBP 2.5

Whenever you move into a new home, the advice given is to live with it for a few months before making major changes. You need to get a sense of the flow before understanding how to improve it.

That’s the plan here. Its been a few weeks since I moved to this URL and WordPress, and I am still learning my way around. By January, I expect to understand better what will and won’t work.

Some of the more pressing changes I am planning:

Header size: Excise the excess. I need to tighten up the size of the header — yeah, there’s a lot of dead space I can squeeze out of that.  Make it a smaller, tighter, cleaner. I went with the large header cause everyone on Wall Street has dual 20″ monitors. But I know some of you are either on laptops or smaller screens. (You, over there, with the Mac Classic — time to upgrade!)

Tabs — I like the suggestion of transparent tabs except for the front one. No colors, flush right, not spread out.  Since the TBP header is on every page, I can also lose that small tab. Take it down to 5 from 6

Jobs: Is anyone interested in posting Jobs Wanted/Employee Wanted? (Its free) It was supposed to be a public service. I assumed given the state of Wall Street it would be much more active.

Flash Intro: I hear you — This seems to really be a killer for some people. I was thinking about moving it to the Cafe (which would then be renamed). Given the multitude of voices there, the concept is very suitable. And since the length of works there tends towards the much longer, those of you who hate it will scrollpass it very quickly.

TBP Main Header: Which leaves me with the main Header page for the Big Picture. Any Ideas, suggestions, art concepts? Maybe I’ll run a contest for the best new header design.

As always, share your cleverest thoughts and constructive insights . . .

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