That Was Convenient

The press was filled with stories this week about how the famously focused and leak-proof Obama campaign was having trouble dealing with the culture of Washington where anything and everything is fair game and fodder for the press. But this afternoon’s perfectly timed leak–my email from the WSJ was stamped 3:17; I don’t know when NBC News broke the story–shows the party of change isn’t going to change that part of DC standard operating procedure.

How perfect that the week where everyone was beginning to wonder just how far Obama planned to let things go before he announced his economic team, the Geithner trial balloon was released just in time for the three o’ clock witching hour. The subsequent 500 point rally could be read as a warning to the new administration’s enemies: don’t screw with us, we’re that good. Just to put icing on it, they promised thewhole economic team on Monday.

Did I say they? No, no. It was just good reporting based on the ham-handed FBI vetting process. Does this manipulation speak well of the new administration or has a more manipulative side of Obama just been hinted at?

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