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Not quite a full linkfest, but some very intriguing articles:

Politics & Elections

Obama Grabs Headlines – Newspaper front pages from around the globe, November 5, 2008

Great expectations (The Economist)

Obama Is Seen Inheriting Worst U.S. Recession Since Reagan Era (Bloomberg)

Markets / Trading:

Wall Street Lays Another Egg by NIALL FERGUSON (Vanity Fair)

The Obama Market: What’s Hot, What’s Not (Barrons)
Sectors likely to be helped — or hurt — under the new administration.

How the Thundering Herd Faltered and Fell (NYT)


Obama May Inherit Bull Market After $6 Trillion Loss (Bloomberg)

Bonds Priced for Depression Beat Stocks (Barrons)

Prof Jeremy Siegel’s Strange Claim: “Stocks Are Dirt Cheap” (Clusterstock)

Boone Pickens Almost Entirely in Cash; Fidelity Job Cuts; Legg Mason Stock Craters

Investors Lick Wounds From Dividend Cuts (WSJ)

Fannie and Freddie by the Numbers


Unemployment Hits 14-Year High (NPR)

China Announces $586 Billion Stimulus Package (WSJ)

Retailers Report a Sales Collapse (NYT)

Non Farm Payroll: -651,000 over the past 3 months

Goldman Forecasts Deepest Recession Since Reagan Era (Bloomberg)

Restaurant Performance Index Falls to Record Low (Restaurants and Institutions)

Once Sizzling, China’s Economy Shows Rapid Signs of Fizzling (NYT)

Canada seeing huge increase in bankruptcies (National Post)

Six Questions for Eric Janszen on the Economic Collapse (Harpers)

Federal Reserve

Obama’s Choice for Tres Secy: Tim Geithner (The New Republic)

Bloomberg Sues Fed to Force Disclosure of Collateral (Bloomberg)

Zero Rate World May Lie Ahead as King, Trichet Cut (Bloomberg)

• Blast from the past: Man of the Year: High-Wire Artist Alan Greenspan (NYT)


The credit-default swap needs reform, not abolition (The Economist)

Credit Swap Disclosure Obscures True Financial Risk (Bloomberg)

AIG in talks with Fed over new bail-out (FT)

• Idiot of the day: Former FDIC Chief: Fair Value Caused the Crisis (CFO.com)

A Requiem for Glass-Steagall (BUSINESSWEEK: NOVEMBER 15, 1999)

The Formula That Shook the World (Nova)


A New Dawn: Moving decisively on climate change (WSJ)

U.S. military can regrow human limbs, organs (Canada.com)

Chinese hack into White House network (FT)

The Sun: Photo Journal


Full run of video selections here

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