Warning NSFW, Rated R:

via YouTube User Recession

Dearest Recession,

As even you are aware, it is in our nature, as well as our trade, to be accommodating. Still, and please forgive our uncharacteristically inhospitable tone, we find that we are completely unable to accommodate you. Morgans is a bastion for living life with the stops off. And considering the dastardly manner with which you rob people of their joy, not just their assets, you sir have become Public Enemy #1. This is your notice that our doors will never swing wide for you. Not ever.

Towards this end, we are putting our considerable resources and talents into thwarting you the best way we know how — we’re throwing a party. And we warn you, style, feasting and reveling will rule the day and no doubt continue on past dawn. By the way, don’t think that you can sneak under our velvet rope once the party has cleared. We intend to defy you every chance we get.

Hear that sound, Mr. Recession? That’s right. It’s laughter. Now, with all due respect, fuck off.

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