Can Tina Brown Make Scrambling Cool?

Lampooned for much of her professional life as a heat-seeking trend-climber, Tina Brown may be even more useful as a barometer. So when she writes a column today about the “Gigonomics” of the redundant-ocracy–managers and division heads who have found themselves out of job–her divining rod might have struck deep water. We’re at the beginning of a deeply destabilizing recession. All those finance and real estate professionals aren’t going to be easily re-trained for other work.

Of course, Brown’s person experience leans too heavily on media folks, who tend to be chronically under-employed. So she tried to bolster her personal experiences–everyone is a freelancer now!–with some data. She need not have bothered. Her realization that the Free Agent Nation is finally upon us rings true enough despite her limited ken.

So, if Tina Brown’s doing it, does that finally make scrambling to make a living cool?


The Gig Economy
The Daily Beast; January 12, 2009

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