Anti-Climax: Cramer vs. Stewart

I could spill a 1000 words on this, but suffice it to say the well anticipated moment was a bit disappointing. Not because they didn’t throw down and start mud wrestling, but because of the missed opportunities — on both sides. I was surprised Cramer was so mellow, and that encouraged Stewart to go after him more aggressively.

But really, it was what was’nt said that got my attention: Consider the following misunderstandings and blown opportunities:

• Cramer could have better defended what CNBC does well. They speak with a plethora of economic voices and market perspectives, are not at all monolithic (that should have been mentioned). Not all of the anchors were cheering on the highs.

• It was not just Faber’s special reports (which he mentioned), but a number of other appearances that make the channel so well worth-while. Bringing people into the public view who viewers normally don’t get to spend much time with. Indeed, my favorite moments on CNBC are when they spend 3 hours with Warren Buffett, or when with David Einhorn and William Ackman are on the air for extended periods.

• Stewart missed the opportunity to note the lack of accountability of guests (Cramer tangentially touched upon this). My peeves and many readers find the very short, bumper sticker answers extremely distasteful, the Brady Bunch boxes (the octagon!) absurd, and the tendency towards making some shows Jerry Springer-like to be, well Jerry Springer-like.

• Most of the shows — and their guests — have a long-only, fully invested bias (Fast Money is the exception). This was never mentioned.

• TDS also could have noted what seems like a hard right turn the channel has taken since the election. There are several wing nut hosts now speaking their opinions and (what looked like) a 3 to 1 parade of GOP Congressman to Democrats. I don’t watch all day, so it may have evened up- — but the early morning show has been very one sided.

There’s a lot more, but I have other things to do . . .

If you have anything to add to this — I mean serious criticism, not just name calling — please use the comments for that.


Thursday March 12, 2009 – Jim Cramer
The Daily Show

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