Bear Market Rally

I was on Yahoo Tech Ticker yesterday afternoon discussing the possibility of a Bear Market Rally –(but I was not referring to a 250 point pop the next day!).

If you want to be horrified have a read of the comments — you will be aghast. unbelievably ignorant. I don’t know whether to laugh at these people or cry at the level of financial literacy in our society.

And for real $#%ts and giggles, go read the comments for the August interview, calling the bounce a “ Sucker’s Rally.” You have to think there is something Darwinian about people that dumb losing lots of money.

If Yahoo understood the web better, and wanted to make Tech Ticker more useful, they would sift through the sheer and overwhelming idiocy of the ‘tards that post there and delete the worst of it. And if they lack the cojones to hire an editor, than crowd-source it: Empower a few “super users” to delete the dumbest of the messages — spam, political garbage, or sheer idiocy — and make the site valuable (again).

The failure to do that is why Yahoo message boards have been losing share to places like Investor Village.>



Sucker’s Rally? (August 13th, 2008)

“Big Bear Market Rally Coming,” Says Noted Bear Barry Ritholtz
Aaron Task
Yahoo Tech Ticker Mar 10, 2009 08:35am

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