Goldman Sachs Sues Blogger “”

Today, I added a new blog to the blog roll for the first time in months.

I urge you to do the same.

Why? Because they were sued by GS for criticizing the firm:

“Goldman Sachs Group Inc. has been called many things over the years. Plenty of people have raged against its power and wealth. If you spend decades as the most successful investment bank, it goes with the territory. Calling it the devil may be going a bit far, though, even for the flinty-hearted employees of the New York-based bank.

Last month, a blog called was set up. Goldman Sachs has taken legal action against the site, alleging it infringes a trademark in the phrase “Goldman Sachs.” The owner of the site, investment adviser Mike Morgan of Jensen Beach, Florida, has promised to contest the litigation and pursue similar campaigns against other banks.

“They might think it is just a Mickey Mouse Web site, but we’re coming after them,” Morgan said in a telephone interview. “It would be really stupid for the banks to try and stop us. But banks do stupid things all the time.”

Let’s review your tax dollars at work: Godlman Sachs CEO Hank Paulson lobbied the SEC to allow the 5 largest iBanks to be exempt from net capital rules, and then leverage up 40 to 1. Which they did, especially with Mortgage-backed paper and derivatives. Then he becomes Treasury Secretary, and transfers from the taxpayers to these same iBanks — some directly, and some thru AIG — trillions of dollars.

Now, the taxpayer subsidized disaster creator is thin skinned about criticism. Note that the trademark claim is bullshit — its well settled law, via This 2000 case was originally found in favor of Wal-Mart by World Intellectual Property Organization but later reversed. is no longer operating, but a new site, appears to be run by author Kenneth J. Harvey. As another example of the legality of the “–” sites, see also,

No one seems to ever learn: If you want to close a critical site down, you ignore — you don’t sue them.

Thus, we add to the blog roll. If you have a blog, I STRONGLY suggest you do the same.


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Matthew Lynn
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