Green Shoots with a caveat

The ‘Green Shoots’ of recovery that has been the favorite two words of many of late has been mostly predicated on the dramatic drop seen in inventories over the past few months and the subsequent inventory replenishment process that may help to stabilize the economy. The CEO of TXN in last nights earnings press release sums up this scenario well with a necessary caveat, “demand for our products has begun to stabilize after sharp drops in the past 2 q’s. Many customers have increased orders for TI products as they have begun to slow down their inventory reductions. However, we remain sensitive to continuing weakness in the global economy, and we have yet to see signs of a broad based recovery in our business.” With the results and release of the ‘stress test’ just two weeks away, the man leading the process, Mr. Geithner, testifies at 10am in front of the Congressional Oversight Panel. German ZEW rose to the highest since July ’07.

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