Site Upgrade: The Big Picture 3.0

Ok, kids, the long awaited site upgrades are here: A near final version of the artwork is below, its 95% of what you will see soon.

Allow me to walk you through the highlights:

1. Flash Header is dead:  Yes, the way-cool but much-hated flash software header — an homage to Clockwork Orange/Robot Chicken — is no more. In its place is the simpler artwork you see below — much simpler and less colorful;

2. Header made smaller:  As so many of you had requested, the new header is much tighter and smaller — about 30% less vertical space; The 6 multi-colored wide spaced tabs have been replaced with 4 integrated tabs;

3. New content:  I am very jazzed about the new content — its all killer (no filler):

a) Macro Notes: Miller Tabak’s Market Strategist Peter Boockvar gets a special slot in the right hand column called Macro-Notes. This will be 5 to 10 short updates every day regarding the latest economic releases, market action, and other relevant observations.

This blog-within-the-blog addition will insure that breaking news and fresh content will always be on the front page. Peter does terrific work, and I am sure you will find his content intelligent and informative as I do.

b) Think Tank: The Cafe has been expanded — and I want to make sure that it is understood that this reflects a a variety of perspectives — including views I find interesting and provocative (though I may not always agree with); Look for 2 to 3 posts per day here form a short roster of my favorite analysts and strategists.

c) Weekend: All that fun stuff that “the book” pushed off the site? Its back, and on the tab called Weekend. Music, Gadgets, Films, Food &  Wine, Cars, Boats, Cigars, toys — essentially, the non work stuff you get enjoy on the weekends !

d) Category & Date Archive: As requested, archives by category and date have been added,  (lower portion, right hand column)

4.  Video Ranking:  I introduced a 5 star ranking for our video clips — I want to be able to have the crowd vote on the best stuff — eventually, the highest ranked videos will form an RSS feed.

5. Going Away: Jobs listings was a bust — that is retired. Digital media will be folded into Video and/or Weekend, depending upon the content.


Much of this redesign reflects your input. As always, share your feedback in comments!


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