Barron’s: Greens Shoots = Ganga

Randall Forsyth elicits chuckles via his clever phrase-turning. He turns his poison pen on the ubiquitous nonsense known as “green shoots”  that has been so in vogue amongst the perma-wrong crowd:

“So, why the attraction of green shoots? One can only speculate that they must be in some ways intoxicating. Perhaps not the shoots exactly, or the stems or seeds, but the leaves of a certain plant. Those might be smoked or otherwise ingested to bring about a euphoric effect. From what I’ve read, the current crop is far more potent than the commodity available in years past. How else to explain the mind-bending notion that an economy that is declining less quickly is somehow improving?”

Like all great inventions, it obvious in hindsight.

Once someone else has invented it, everyone says (or at least thinks to themselves) “How on earth did I not come up with that myself . . . ?”


Do Be Wary of Green Shoots
Barron’s May 25, 2009



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