Friday Afternoon Linkage

Some afternoon linkage before the weekend begins:

Geithner says derivatives blindsided the gov’t (Associated Press)

Beazer Homes, a one-company crime wave (Floyd Norris)

Subprime Resurfaces as Housing-Market Woe (WSJ)

Artificial Stimulus (Dan Gross, Slate)

ECRI on The Great Recession (2008-2010) (Canada Housing Crash)

Lost ‘Animal Spirits’ May Worsen Economy, Roubini, Shiller Say(Bloomberg)

Two Authorities on Fed Advise Congress Against Expanding Its Power (NYT)

No One Saw This Coming”: Understanding Financial Crisis Through Accounting Models (Dirk J Bezemer, Groningen University)

What Does Your Credit-Card Company Know About You? (NYT Magazine)

Anything else worth killing some tress over? Did I miss anything good today? Please use the comments . . .

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