Friday Afternoon Readings

Friday linkage — something for everyone, bull and bear alike:

The Charade Of Quarterly “Earnings Surprises” (Business Insider)

What Can China Get For Its $2 Trillion? (Real Time Economics)

• Simon Johnson says “Fix the economy? Curb corporate America (Salon)

America’s Disappearing Millionaires (Newsweek

Turf War Over Financial Oversight Plays Out at Hearing (NYT)

Dropping the shopping (The Economist)

Have to Admit It’s Getting Better: As the Beatles sang back in the Psychedelic ‘Sixties, “Can’t get no worse.” (Barron’s)

Stars align for easing of U.S. credit crunch (Reuters)

Geithner Calls for Finanical Rules Revamp to Be Passed This Year (WSJ)

• Nice while it lasted: Sentiment has now risen back to dangerous levels (MarketWatch)

Rating Agencies Downgraded (The Economist) see also: Berkshire Hathaway reduces stake in Moody’s (Reuters)

Executives Receive One-Third of All Pay in the U.S. (Alternet)

“Does Securitization Affect Loan Modifications?” (Naked Capitalism)

Gasparino Responds to Crossing Wall Street (Crossing Wall Street)

Anything else clickworthy?

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