Friday Readings

Its Friday afternoon — last linkfest of the week!

Dismantling the Temple, Fixing the Fed (The Nation)

What went wrong with economics (Economist)

Audit Interview: James L. Bothwell The author of a definitive ‘94 GAO derivatives report talks about industry pushback and financial-press complacency (CJR)

Security Savings Bank: Why a bank’s own executives were ignored when they brought financial irregularities to the OTS (their primary regulator) as “religious right” connections were used to fend off regulation  (Bank Implode)

•A GS 2-fer:

The Joy of Sachs (Krugman)
The real price of Goldman’s giganto-profits (Taibbi)

Curb Your Enthusiasm (Barron’s)

AIG’s European Derivatives May Take Decades to Expire (Bloomberg)

This Recovery Will Be Very, Very Painful (Atlantic)

Barney Frank’s Plan to Legalize Marijuana (Esquire)

Messing With a Successful Comic Formula (WSJ)

The “To Do” list of Goldman Sachs’ Global Head of Corporate Communications (Amusing)

Gimme some good links I missed for the weekend!

I’m off to see one of the last surviving Beatles at the new Citi Field . . .

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